Valley foundation joins 6-year-old's fight against diabetes

It's a nose that amazingly has become a critically important tool.

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  • Now living in Davenport, Camfield is a retired law enforcement officer who spent 19 years at five different agencies in Mississippi, Judd said.  He later became public safety director of the old Cypress Gardens. Sheriff Judd called him an “embarras
  • The Polk County Sheriff’s Office says John Camfield clipped one of the teens along Allegheny Road near Athabasca in Poinciana after they had gotten off the school bus and were walking along the shoulder of the road, and then hit the others while dr
  • Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd provides an update on the DUI crash that killed a middle student and left four others injured.
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  • Hilaria Baldwin has been a fan of her husband Alec Baldwin since she was just four years old … and he was 30!

The now 33-year-old yoga instructor revealed that was when she viewed his 1988 film Working Girl.

“I actually saw this really grea
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