A story about "Nothing" (literally)

- Arizona's official State Historian called the state a "land of anomalies and Tamales". He did so, in part, because of the unusual names given to some of the state's towns.

Some of the more unconventional names for towns in Arizona include Chloride, Why, and Santa Claus.

There is even a town called "Nothing", which lies along the U.S. Highway 93, between Wickenberg and Kingman. The nearest city? Wikieup, in Mohave County.

Not many people may remember passing through the town, because there is literally nothing, in Nothing.

Besides a sign that reads "Nothing", along with a small, abandoned building, nothing else exists in Nothing.

According to Marshall Trimble, Arizona's official State Historian, Nothing was founded in 1977. Trimble stopped by Nothing in 1978.

"I found out there was four people living there, and that was the peak population of Nothing back then," said Trimble.

Trimble also remembered the business that set up shop in town.

"The owner of the bar was a guy named Buddy," recounted Trimble. "I just remember his name was Buddy, and they put a sign up outside that the town had 'hoped for Nothing, had faith in Nothing, and they believed in Nothing, and they would do anything for Nothing'."

The town's motto, perhaps predictably, was "All for Nothing".

The bar, called "Ain't Much Bar", burned down in 1988. It was rebuilt, but it didn't last long, and the town was abandoned. Years later, in 2009, Nothing received a second life, as a man opened a pizza place that was run from a portable oven.

"He was complaining that he had paid $1 million for the property," said Trimble. "I don't know if this is an Arizona embellishment or what, but he said he paid $1 million for the property, and it was now worth only maybe about $100,000, if he was lucky. So, he lost his shirt for Nothing!"

By 2011, Nothing had nothing in it, once again. Nowadays, Nothing literally has nothing to offer, except as a place for people to stop, take a quick picture, and perhaps, stretch their legs on a long road trip.

In terms of the years to come, Trimble said he sees nothing in Nothing's future.

"I kind of doubt if it will ever have anything else there again, although nothing would surprise me. Somebody else would come in and open up maybe that coffee place?" said Trimble, referring to Starbucks, perhaps jokingly.

Nothing might have a lot of nothing, but there's one thing that people can find, in big numbers: rattlesnake.

Trimble said he once filmed a show there, and he said more rattlesnakes in a week, than his entire life.

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