Ad agency livestreams man locked in room for 24 hours

- One local ad agency is going above and beyond trying to capture the interest of Airbnb. They're doing that by keeping one guy in this room for 24 hours as guests come and go and all of it is being streamed live.

"I will be the only one in this room for the full 24 hours," Sam Lowy said.

Twenty-seven-year-old Sam Lowy is occupying this office space that they've turned into an Airbnb look alike until 8 a.m. on Friday. While in the room, he'll see around 50 different guests for a half hour each to help the time go by.

"It's a lot of work having to ask the questions and keep everyone entertained, but on the flip side I'm also getting entertained," Lowy said.

From sports teams, to animals, radio hosts and all kinds of drinks and food.

"I've been eating this entire time," Lowy said.

Sam's sure to stay entertained, as the livestream works its magic and hopefully catches the attention of Jonathan, the chief marketing officer at Airbnb.

"I went to our creative group and I said, 'Hey, this is a dream client for us,' and I said, 'What should we do to try to get a meeting with them, and then we decided to do them," Scott Harkey said.

Scott is the president of OH Partners, the advertising agency hoping to gain Airbnb as a client. Their pitch was to keep Sam in this room for 24 hours to get one minute on the phone with Jonathan.

"I'm pretty nervous, I'm not quite sure what I'm going to say, but we're just going to talk about how passionate we are about their brand," Harkey said.

So, the big question is... will Jonathan call?

Scott sure hopes so and has his phone nearby.

"It'll be a big party over here if Jonathan calls, that's for sure," he said. "I'll get on the show... we will pop open some drinks and have a good time for sure."

And Sam... he's still going strong and just hopes from here on out he can stick to asking the questions.

"That was the most exhausting thing we've done all day," he said.

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