An update on the llamas in "Llama Drama", three years later

- Monday marks three years since two llamas ran on the loose in Sun City.

The year was 2015, and America on social media was a simpler place back then. The nation's eyes were drawn to Phoenix for one magical moment, when a pair of llamas wrangled themselves loose, gripping a country in the process.

"I'm just reaching for the rope and somebody did something stupid behind me, I have no idea what, and she took off," said Karen Freund.

For the next 3 hours, the world was infatuated with Kahneeta (the white llama), Laney (the black llama), their cat-like moves and their jaw-dropping elusiveness, as they ran through the streets. 

The dup dashing through neighborhoods, marking a moment in time where America stopped working and couldn't stop watching the chase of the century.

As soon as it began, it came to an end when a man with a lasso reeled them in. With time, the Llama Drama faded away, and the family eventually moved to Chino Valley.

It was there that the postscript turns into a sad tale.

"When we went to have her sheered the year after we moved up here, and I was brushing her and I was like, she's lost a lot of weight," said Freund.

It turns out Laney contracted Valley Fever, and she died in August 2017. Now, Kahneeta stands alone, forever changed by the events of that February 2015 day.

"You used to be -- if I would walk out into the pen, she would walk out and come up to me and want to be petted. Now she's not like that," said Freund. "If I corner her, she will let me pet her, but she doesn't come up looking for attention any more."

Nevertheless, February 26, 2015 was a memorable day, where the power of social media was realized by a woman just trying to comfort senior citizens with her llamas.

Meanwhile, Freund says they're hoping to breed Kahneeta , and she should be pregnant at this time next year.

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