Arizona man accidentally invited to stranger's bachelor party, gets to go anyway

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Will the real Will Novak please stand up?

An Arizona man got an unexpected invite to a stranger's bachelor party, as someone from the wedding party attached the wrong Will Novak to the email, and the Will Novak from Arizona is going to the bachelor party anyway, with the guys' blessings.

The WIll Novak from Arizona, who lives in Phoenix, got a random invite from a group of guys to attend a bachelor ski trip to Vermont. That invite was actually meant for a Will Novak in Brooklyn, New York. After the Will from Arizona reached back out the the guys, they decided to let him come anyways.

WIll Novak from Phoenix got the rather interesting e-mail on Monday night.

"The subject line said, 'Urgent. Reply right away. Angelo's bachelor party. Need information. Respond right away,'" said the Will from Arizona. "And I said, who the heck is Angelo?"

The Will from Arizona opened the email, and saw it's a group of guys planning a bachelor ski trip to Vermont for their friend, Angelo.

"And they're gonna drink all weekend," said the Will from Arizona. "And then it says, 'but we still haven't heard from the following guys', and one of the names was William Novak. My name. And then it clicked. One of their friends must have a similar e-mail address to mine, and they made a typo."

And that's exactly what happened. The email was originally meant for a Will Novak in Brooklyn, New York. 

"My friend Angelo, he was my close friend growing up," said Will Novak from New York, via a Skype interview. "His brother mistakenly send out the email to another William Novak."

"So I replied within five minutes, and I said, 'guys, this is the Will Novak in Phoenix, Arizona," said the Will from Arizona. "I'm from the desert. I don't know how to ski. Vermont is very far away. All that they said count me in. I'm there for Angelo." 

Will from Arizona, however, didn't really think he'd be going.

"Two days later, they respond back and they're like, 'we don't know if you're serious, but we're serious. You better show up," said the Will from Arizona.

A close friend convinced the Will from Arizona to put up a GoFundMe page. The Will from Arizona estimate the total amount of the trip would come out to $750.

"Last night about 6:00 p.m., I put up a GoFundMe, and I put it on my Facebook, and we sat down and had our family dinner" said the Will from Arizona. "By the time dinner was over, we had over $1,000."

"I'm still in shock, actually, that he's coming, that it went so fast!" said the Will from Brooklyn.

Both Wills have been in communication recently, making sure it's all the real deal.

"To make sure he wasn't a murderer or, like, a serial killer," said the Will from Brooklyn. "He gave us his background, like LinkedIn and Facebook."

"I have a keen training in second grade level martial arts, and if things go south, I feel I can defend myself," said the Will from Arizona.

"I think this might be the best present he ever receives," said the Will from Brooklyn.

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