Ashley Madison hackers release more data

It is the hack that has a lot of cheaters sweating bullets.
The group behind the Ashley Madison hack released an additional 20 Gigabytes worth of information, including more customer data, and e-mails from inside the company.
In the data are 13,000 e-mail addresses from military and government email accounts.
FOX 10 spoke with a valley divorce lawyer to weigh in on the breach.
Up to 30 million users may soon find themselves in divorce court sometime in the near future, and valley divorce attorneys are gearing up for a very busy month.
The attorney FOX 10 spoke with says cheating happens more often than we think, especially with the help of social media.
"When you send that send button, and you're doing something over the internet, nothing is private anymore," said Marlene Pontrelli.
About 32 million people are learning that lesson the hard way.
A group of hackers exposed customer names, login details, e-mail address, and other information onto the dark web, an underground internet not searchable by Google.
Now that millions of cheaters have been outed you might wonder if this will have an effect on the divorce rate.
Family law Attorney Marlene Pontrelli says not right away.
"I'm not sure if this will overall it will actually increase divorce rates, but maybe what it does do is it helps bring it out in the open, so that where before this was something people were trying to do without anyone knowing about it, or their spouse knowing about it, so now it brings it out in the open so now they can get the help they need for the marriage," she said.
Pontrelli says if you know you've used the website, the best thing you can do is come clean.
"Talk with your spouse, that this is what you've done, this is a mistake maybe you've made, this is something you'd like to talk about and if you don't feel comfortable talking to your spouse about it, do it in a therapeutic setting maybe with a counselor," said Pontrelli.
She added that people need to remember anything you do online is never safe. If you're in the middle of a divorce, your use on sites like Ashley Madison can be discoverable, regardless of a hack.
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