Bill introduced that would allow students and staff to carry guns on campus

- A bill has been introduced again that will allow students and staff to carry guns on campus if they have a concealed weapons permit and register the gun with school administration.

Representative Sonny Borelli believes his measure would help people defend themselves in the event of a mass shooting.

"Obviously, a no-guns zone or no weapons policy is a failed policy. There's nothing more an invitation for a free fire zone for a nut that wants to get out there and start shooting up the place. So what this bill says is if you're going to carry on campus you need to notify the administration and have a concealed weapons permit," said Rep. Borelli.

Similar bills have failed to become law. A student group called Students for Self Defense at ASU has been pushing to end the ban on weapons on campus. Others FOX 10 spoke to said they don't think students should be carrying a gun along with their books and assignments to class.

"Students are students, but you know as far as teachers I think teachers should be able to carry a concealed weapon," said Zane Revelle.

"I honestly do not think that people who are not trained professionals should carry guns. I don't think guns kill people; people kill people," said Jasmyne Lott.

Rep. Borelli says the bill calls for each campus to have a standard operating procedure of when armed students and faculty should use their weapon.

"If there is an active shooter, the scenario and the SOP is to barricade yourself and hide, but if you need to stand your ground you defend yourself," said Rep. Borelli.

The Arizona Board of Regents has not released a statement about whether or not it supports the bill. So far the board has not looked at the bill, but may discuss it next month. 

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