Breaking it down, Election 2016: What is it about Hillary Clinton?

What is it about Hillary Clinton?
She always seems to be playing defense, always seems to be fending off some scandal.

Now it’s her preposterous decision to use her own personal email server for some of her secretary of state business…

instead of using u.s. government email like every other high public official.

What was she thinking?

And now the FBI is looking into the matter, and a federal judge just said Hillary violated government policy with this whole email business.

And that federal judge was appointed to the bench by Bill Clinton, so it’s not as if he is a Republican partisan.

This steady drip-drip-drip will surely be with Hillary all the way to the general election…if she gets the nomination.

She’s been the heavy favorite, but has she done so much damage to herself she should just hang it up now and give Democrats a fighting chance to win the White House?

What do you think? I want to hear from you—and not just the Hillary Haters—Hillary backers, I want to hear from you too.

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