Confusion surrounds AZGOP election mailer

- One postcard is raising lots of questions. On the front, it says, "Do You Want to vote? Only Republicans Vote in the Presidential Preference. Do not miss this opportunity!", and on the back it says, "Independent voters are not allowed to vote in the upcoming Republican Presidential primary unless your registration is updated."

Some who got the mailer were upset and confused. FOX 10 spoke with the senders at the Arizona GOP to get some clarification.

"Obviously a mail piece, people look at it quickly, the front side is going to catch your attention. The back side you're going to read it, it's just a two-sided postcard so we do hope people will read the front and back, we do hope it gets their attention," said Chad Haywood.

Some legislative analysts believe the wording could cause confusion.

"I think it's just the word primary, I think that maybe perhaps voters are thinking that they're talking about the actual primary election in August, and again we're trying to reiterate that this is a Presidential Preference Election, and it's not just Republicans, if you want to register as a Democrat you can do that as well," said Elizabeth Bartholomew.

The Presidential Preference Election is not a primary election; the preference election is essentially for Arizona voters to vote who they want the Arizona Delegates to vote for at the National Convention.

"It's very confusing, I think a lot of voters don't realize that we do have this Presidential Preference Election, and we do try and stress that in a Primary Independents can vote, but in a Preference Election you have to be part of one of the two registered parties," said Bartholomew.

The Arizona Primary isn't until August 30; the Preference Election takes place on March 22. It's why both major political parties are encouraging voters to get registered now.

Arizona's GOP officials say they did not mean to offend anyone with the post card, that they were trying to create awareness.

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