Controversial groups rally in Phoenix, across the country opposing radical Islam

Just months after a controversial rally at a Phoenix mosque gained national attention for a "Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest," the same group is making headlines again. 
Today hundreds gathered in front of the Islamic Community Center, some in support of Islam, others opposing that community.
Across the country today, 19 other cities held protests organized by the group "Global Rally for Humanity" against radical Islam. In response, many Muslim protesters showed up to give their community a voice as well.
One mosque, two sides, and hundreds of police. 
It's another uncomfortable confrontation steeped in history and opposing views.
“They're trying to say that the whole religion, or all of the Muslims are just like the violent extremists," said Sumayyah Dawud, who is Muslim.  
Dubbed "The Global Rally for Humanity," Organizer Jon Rizheimer says for him, this event isn't "anti- Muslims," but rather "pro-mankind."
"The way my mother raised me, she told me a story about mother Theresa, mother Theresa was invited to an anti-war rally and she said 'oh no I would never go to an anti-anything rally, but if you were to have a pro-peace rally, I would surly go to that."
However, as both sides grew in numbers, it became clear that not everyone was there for peace. 
"We politely asked these Nazis to get out of here, cause they do not represent us, and I do not condone those actions," said Rizheimer. 
Armed with passionate views and religious beliefs, it seems the only thing both sides share is courage of conviction.
"I mean I feel like both… you know both sides are making their point heard,” said Dawud. “I mean, we're saying that you know prejudice is not acceptable and their side is saying very hurtful things."
The Council of American-Islamic Relations, the nation's leading Muslim-civil-rights organization has said they're not taking any chances during the scheduled protests this weekend. They advise mosques in all cities to beef-up security.
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