Doctors warn of persistant cold symptoms

- It's the time of year when the flu and cold hit people hard. Many people are reporting that their cold just won't go away.

If you're a healthy person with the cold virus, you can probably wait it out and kick it on your own. But if you can't seem to stop the symptoms; coughing, fever, headaches, and you know you aren't dealing with allergies it may be time to go to the doctor.

"Generally, we say to wait 7-10 days if it lingers longer its time to see your doctor," said Dr. Natasha Bhuyan.

Dr. Bhuyan says people want to make sure they aren't dealing with something more serious like pneumonia.

"It's actually known as walking pneumonia, and the reason it's known as walking pneumonia, is people are able to function, go to work, do their typical activities, they just feel a little run down, and that is actually dangerous," said Bhuyan.

It's dangerous because you can be contagious.

"And people are coughing up the bacteria, and someone next to them inhales that, they can get sick," said Bhuyan.

A doctor can figure out what is going on, and if it is a bacterial infection they can prescribe antibiotics to fight it.

"We don't want to treat all of these people with antibiotics, so everybody who has a cough or cold, or think it is stubborn we cannot just throw antibiotics at it, that's not the right solution either," she said.

Antibiotics are for treating bacterial infections like pneumonia, but will not do anything for viral infections like the cold says Dr. Bhuyan.

To see if you're suffering from pneumonia you really have to go to a doctor and have them examine you and listen to your lungs.

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