GOP Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson speaks at Phoenix event

Thousands of people packed the hall at the Phoenix Convention Center to hear from GOP Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson.
Before going on stage he took some questions from reporters, including one about illegal immigration, and whether he supported a plan to deport the estimated 11 million living in the United States.
"Rounding up 11 million people and deporting them, it may sound good to a lot of people, but that is not pragmatic," said Dr. Ben Carson.
Many people who came to hear from Carson say they like the fact that he is not a politician.
"He's got common sense, the man thinks, and he doesn't allow people to twist him around and I like that," said Anita Curtis.
"I think the country, most of us are sick and tired of politicians. They say whatever they need to do, to get elected, and they think of it as a career," said Bill Vandervort.
Many of those attending point out that he embraces his Christian faith.
"He's a Christian man, he's got good values and morals, and I just think it's wonderful that he is running," said Caroline Sherck.
"I am totally praying about, and hoping he is who he appears to be, and I believe that he is," said Jan Neal.
Once on stage Dr. Carson hit on several of his platform issues during the rally, pushing for a 10% tax on income across the board, and a massive cut to government spending.
"We need to reduce the size of our government which is absolutely rediculous, and all you have to do is not replace Federal employees who are returning. You do that for about four years and you're down to a reasonable level," said Carson.
And he plans to use military action to go after ISIS and other Jihadist groups.
"I'm a peaceful person, but you know what, it doesn't make any sense to sit around and let somebody wipe you out, and we can do better than that," he said.
There are no official numbers available for the crowd in attendance, but the Arizona GOP chairman said 12,000 people were there.
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