Heavy rains pound parts of Texas

Most people don't realize how powerful moving water can be. For example, just six inches of moving water can knock a person over! 
That's why the National Weather Service in the areas of Houston and Galveston are asking people to stay off the roads tonight. 
Hurricane Patricia may have dissipated earlier today, but the effects are still rippling through large portions of Texas, bringing some areas as much as 20 inches of rain. 
Tonight, we spoke to a former Arizonan, Mike McGeath, who now lives in Fort Worth, Texas and says they've had some heavy rain.  
"I know a couple of events that have been canceled, like there was a Japanese festival that was canceled that was supposed to start tomorrow, and they just have like the emergency traffic signs up around here that says 'water on the road, turn around, don't drown," McGeath said.
Mike says his neighborhood has been lucky, adding that during his time in Arizona, he experienced worse weather during monsoon season.
"In Arizona during the monsoons it would come down hard, it would rain there really hard, really fast and floods the roads for a while…a lot more than it's doing out here at least in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that I've seen."
However, not everyone has been as fortunate. 
“Now West Texas, that’s pretty bad,” McGeath said. “In the smaller areas like Midland, Macon, things like that, they don't have the drainage that the major cities do, so those roads get really, really bad."
50 miles south of Dallas, a Union Pacific freight train was completely derailed due to an overflowing creek. It was so powerful that it washed away the tracks and knocked the train over. 
The Dallas area has seen more than 7 inches of rain over the past 24 hours, but they could be expecting more as parts of Texas is under a flash flood warning through Sunday and Monday.
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