Hundreds of people line up for $13 tattoos on Friday the 13th

- It's finally Friday, but not everyone is excited. It's Friday the 13th and some people consider this the unluckiest day on the calendar.

Some people take the date so seriously, they avoid doing certain things like walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror or opening an umbrella indoors.

But one thing hundreds of people aren't avoiding is getting tattooed. And a Glendale tattoo shop is turning what's typically an unlucky day to a very lucky day for those looking for some ink.

Fox 10 asked one customer at Ritual Addictions Tattoo if the day makes them worried about getting a tattoo.

"Now you're making me worried about it. I didn't have any [superstitions], but I do now," said Joey Janesky.

But what about the tattoo artists?

"I guess tattoos and horror and stuff like that, scary movies, I don't know. I do know my boss has nothing but horror stuff and Friday the 13th goes with her tattoos," said Anthony Prince.

Traditionally on Friday the 13th, tattoo shops offer flash tattoos for $13. They're simple designs meant to be done in a flash. At this shop, things are a little different.

"We offer custom. You can bring in whatever you want. Not a lot of shops do that. Bring in a custom 2 by 2 and we'll tattoo it. You just have to be patient and wait in line," said Rachelle Hoffman, the owner of Ritual Addictions Tattoo.

About 500 people celebrate the cursed day at the shop every year, which of course, keeps the artists very busy, all in the name of superstition.

"On a typical day, I do five to eight hours, nothing less, so I'll do two or three [tattoos]. On Friday the 13th last year, I think I did 82," Prince said.

Last year, the shop went until 7 a.m. the following morning. Hoffman says they typically stay open and do as many tattoos as they can until they can't do it anymore.

For those of you that missed the tattooing holiday, don't worry, there's another Friday the 13th in July.


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