Hurricane Katrina survivor speaks out 10 years later

Ten years later and the pictures are still fresh in our minds. The City of New Orleans was underwater in the wake of Hurricane Katrina making landfall. 
The storm broke through the town's levees, killing more than 1,200 people.
Thousands of homes were underwater and it left most of the city homeless.
One survivor who now lives in Phoenix. Lisa Huber says she left with nothing more than two suitcases and $1,200. It's been ten years and she now can finally speak about her experience.
Huber worked and lived in the French Quarter in downtown New Orleans. It was the higher ground in the city where it usually did not flood, but when the Levy's broke the water got higher than she'd ever seen.
"It was the night before and the radar showed on the TV this thing was filling the whole gulf that I thought, you know, this might actually hit us," said Lisa Huber.
Huber said although the flooding was devastating, she says it's the way many people acted after the storm that is hard to forget.
"My impresion with what I saw at the time, the people that I saw were in the city, turned on each other, I was not prepared for that. I was not prepared for that level of anger, I wasn't prepared for the violence," she said.
Huber witnessed people looting, vandalizing, and even shooting each other.
"That's when I realized that it was very serious, that there were actual people in the city that were armed and were shooting at other people, they weren't just shooting in the air. There were a number of gun fights and they did shoot someone right on the corner right where I was, a very angry person was shot, I never saw anything like that before," said Huber.  
To this day she says she cannot drive a car and has no plans of going back to New Orleans anytime soon. 
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