Kari Lake speaks with Governor Doug Ducey

- Since taking office, Governor Doug Ducey has had some success in bringing in new tech dollars to Arizona, as he actively tries to get companies in California's Silicon Valley to bring investment and jobs to Arizona.

Some have seen Arizona as a place where taxes are lower, and regulations to do business are less restrictive.

On Thursday, Ducey spoke with FOX 10's Kari Lake, following the Arizona Tech Innovation Summit. The summit, which took place in Paradise Valley, brought together tech-level executives, top entrepreneurs, and leaving investors from companies such as Google, Weebly, Raytheon, and others.

On the Tech Industry

Ducey said his number one goal is to get companies to move money and jobs from California, to the Grand Canyon State.

"California has made itself a vulnerable target," said Ducey. "Very high taxes, very high cost of life, very difficult parts of the state in terms of safety. So, they're chasing people out and producers out. Arizona remains wide open and inviting."

Ducey also talked about his vision for Arizona.

"I talk of us as the 'Start-Up State': a place where you can come and pursue your dreams, your happiness, your education, and we not only want to have people here to come for a quality of life, we want them to be able to find those educational opportunities, those employment opportunities, those career opportunities in a safe environment, where they can stay and raise their families," said Ducey.

Ducey said tech leaders are coming to him, ready to do business.

"We go and visit San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and we have tech companies saying, 'we can't pay young people the amount of money they need to survive this commute, and the cost of real estate and apartments," said Ducey. "We've planned ahead, and we're ready to grow, and we're gonna target California for some of that growth."

On the controversial Trump billboard in Phoenix

During the interview, Ducey also weighed in on the ongoing controversy surrounding a billboard in Phoenix that featured an anti-Donald Trump theme. The billboard went up on March 17. (to learn more, click here, here, and here)

Ducey said he has not seen the billboard, except in pictures and on the web.

"I think it's despicable," said Ducey. "I think it's a reflection of where our politics are today, and I think it's a real shame. I'm certainly no fan of that billboard. I'd love to see it taken down. The political season is over, the people have spoken, and I think the idea of having respect for the office of the Presidency is something that should bring all Americans together, and that's what I'd like to see going forward."

Right now, there is an online petition that is seeking to have the City of Phoenix take down the billboard. Councilmember Sal DiCiccio, however, said the city does not regulate billboard or free speech.

Meanwhile, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said the sign is on private property, and the owner has the First Amendment right to display it.

On Government Assistance

Ducey said he would like to see the Federal Government give the state more control over the distribution of government assistance money.

"Rather than giving someone a check, as mandated by D.C. every two weeks, we can get them a tool belt or a job in the service sector, so that they can have that purpose of work on Monday morning."

On Maricopa County

Ducey said he was thrilled with news that Maricopa County is now the fast growing county, in the entire country, and said the state can see cautionary tale in the cause of Chicago, Ohio and Detroit to lose people.

"I often say we're Chicago's favorite suburb," said Ducey. "Chicago was once a great city...Detroit, which is where you fly into when you go to Toledo to visit my dad around Father's Day in the summer, was once the most prosperous city in the country. It's no longer in that position. They actually had to reorganize, coming out of bankruptcy. That's bad public policy and bad leadership.

On Terrorism

Ducey also reacted to Wednesday's terror attack in London. He said prevent attacks like these is always at the top of his mind, especially with the various events Arizona hosts.

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