Missing YouTuber's viral video shows 'energy vortexes' in Sedona

- A user named "Funky Fathead" posted a video in August 2017, where he says he is using a computerized tone generator to open a vortex - a portal in time and space.

In two previous videos, he claims that two separate frequencies seem to create a "fracture" in space in his bedroom. In his most recent video, he combines the two frequencies and shows what appears to be a portal to Sedona.

"Already you can see a much more stable fracture," says Funky Fathead.

This video caught the attention of a man in England who calls himself Hidden Underbelly.

"I haven't a clue where he is," he says. "He sounds American, I would guess somewhere in the States."

Hidden Underbelly spoke to FOX 10 via Facebook message, after the video racked up more than a million views. 

After Hidden Underbelly was unable to reach Funky Fathead, the video made news in the Daily Star, headlined "Bloke 'MISSING' after 'opening portal of time and space' in his bedroom."

"God knows if he has opened a portal, God knows where he is and...God knows if he can get back," says Hidden Underbelly.

Funky Fathead has not been seen or heard from in four months, but he did leave on clue.

"If you don't know where that is, I do," says Funky Fathead in the video. "That is Sedona."

"Sedona is known for having dimensional travel there," says Hidden Underbelly. "People go to find these portals."

Sedona is known for its mysterious vortex and magical healing places. It gets more than 4.5 million visitors every year - and some are there for more than just the red rocks.

"This is an important site, a very sacred sight of spiritual energies," says Aumara, who works for Sedona UFO and Vortex Tours. They take hundreds of people to some of the best known vortex sites in Sedona.

The tour's first stop is the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park. 

"There have been...spontaneous healings that have taken place here, in front of the stupa here," says Aumara.

A stupa is a Buddhist place for meditation. This one and its smaller twin stand at the base of thunder mountain. The area was sacred to Native Americans and the stupa was established by a monk who felt the energy there.

"There is scientific studies that have been done here to measure the brain waves of the individual while they are on this site," explains Aumara. "And it shows they were altered while being on this site. That confirms what we believe that it is an actual vortex."

Rachel's Knoll is another stop on their tour - an energy vortex surrounded by a gated community in west Sedona.

"We are taking you to some incredibly powerful spots in Sedona that are not well known," says Anita Owens, who also helps run Sedona UFO and Vortex Tours.

They say Rachel's Knoll is a feminine vortex, and the spiral energy can be seen in the tree trunks nearby.

"It's a natural earth energy," says Owens.

When people feel the energy here, they just want to sit for a while and relax. They don't want to leave.

"This energy is very loving, very nurturing, very compassionate energy," says Aumara.

But is there enough energy here for Funky Fathead to poke a hole in the known universe and travel here through a portal?

"Yes, that's what vortex energy can do," says Aumara. "A gateway, doorway opening portals."

FOX 10 didn't see Funky Fathead here - so he could still be missing.

If you think this video is fake, Hidden Underbelly says you're probably right.

"I do think he made it for fun," he says. "But then again...where is he now?"

We reached out to Funky Fathead via YouTube for comment on his wildly successful video. We haven't heard from him yet. 

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