Mug Shot Gallery - January 2018

Guilty or not, these mug shots are worth a look. This information was supplied by law enforcement and describes recent arrests and charges. All defendants are presumed innocent.

This month's cases:

Keaton Formica, 30, is accused of attacking his neighbor at a Scottsdale apartment complex on Friday, January 26. Read more

Scottsdale Police accuse Adam Stalmach, 24, of Indecent Exposure and Disorderly conduct, following a streaking incident at the Waste Management Phoenix Open on January 31. Read more

Police say tattoo artist Brandon Bond pulled a gun on federal officer and demanded $500 from him. Read more.

Police in Maricopa say Marcos Martinez, 23, was arrested and accused of killing his grandmother. Read more

Phoenix police say 26-year-old Manuel Orejel was arrested in connection to the shooting deaths of two men at an auto salvage yard. Read more.

Sasha Fletcher, 31, and her boyfriend, Joshua Parson, were arrested and accused of being high on heroin and preparing food with open sores on their body at a Little Caesars restaurant. Read more.

Stephanie Eugenia Ford and Durden Ronald Lee, arrested in Georgia's Clayton County and accused of stealing $500,000 worth of holiday presents. Read more

Jonathan James Harris, 27, is wanted for an attempted murder in Florida, along with an unidentified accomplice. Harris could be in the Atlanta metro area. Read more

A man is accused by police in Gwinnett County, Ga of stealing a number of items from a church, including clothing, headphones, and a van. Read more

Joshua Randall Hansen, 25, is accused of escaping from a Federal prison in Texas, and then trying to sneak back in with snacks, alcohol, tobacco, and cooked food. Read more

FBI believe a 25-year-old woman known as the "Freedom Fighter Bandit" is responsible for nine bank robberies across Georgia, since the end of October. Read more

Tyrone David Turner, 26, arrested and accused of negligent homicide in Phoenix, Ariz., after police say he and another man was horseplaying when the other man was pushed into the roadway, and then fatally hit by a car. Read more

Sheriffs say 25-year-old Joshua Randall Hansen escaped from federal prison and was arrested after trying to sneak back in with snacks, alcohol, tobacco, and cooked food. Read more.

James Chelekis, sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison for a knife attack on his wife. Read more

Sasha Fletcher, 31, and Joshua Parson, 34, accused of using heroin while on the job. Read more

Basheba Freeman and Taquan Beecham, who pleaded guilty to charges in connection with the death of their nine-month-old daughter. Read More

Stephen Allwine, 44, a church elder and deacon, accused of killing his wife after his plan to have her killed backfired. Read More

Terry May, 45, in custody and accused of hurting a three-year-old girl and putting her inside a heated oven. Read more

Brian Simms and Stephen Ahlquist, accused of BASE jumping from a cellphone tower in Acworth, GA. Read More

Derwin Johnson, wanted by police in DeKalb County, Georgia and accused of kidnapping a woman at a Budget Inn. Read More

Tia Lorrell Stevens, 36, and Zion Plitnikoff, 18, accused of attempting to rob a fast-food restaurant's drive-thru counter. Read More

Kevin Grellman, 31, is accused of having inappropriate conversations with someone he though was a 14-year-old girl. Read more.

Mitchell Taebel, 31, was arrested after police say he led them on a pursuit through the Valley that ended in a head-on crash with another vehicle in Tempe. Read more.

Police say Arlene Viridiana Moya (top) and Trisha Lynne Ibarra (bottom) were arrested after they carried $10 million worth of heroin in a vehicle while an infant was in the backseat. Read more.

Police say 26-year-old Keiff King and 19-year-old Lisa Smith were arrested in connection to the beating death of Smith's 4-year-old son. Read more.

Prosecutors say Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez used his job as an Uber driver to target intoxicated young women. He was charged with raping, assaulting and robbing four victims. Read more.

Police say 38-year-old Imber Turcios, a Valley exterminator, was arrested for sexually assaulting a 64-year-old woman while on a work call. Read more.

Police say Michael Woodall, a car theft suspect, probably thought officers wouldn't pursue him during a snowstorm, but he was very wrong. He ended up sliding off the icy road and into a ditch. Read more.

Police arrested 19-year-old Andrew Tornetta after they say he assaulted a mounted police officer and his horse during a Philadelphia Eagles Tailgate. Read more.

"Serial Stowaway" Marilyn Hartman was arrested again for trespassing at O'Hare International Airport while boarding a flight out of the country, according to police. Read more.

Police say 21-year-old Kyle Parker was arrested after performing a satanic ritual with a razor blade on a passed-out woman. Read more.

Bradley Hardison, a 27-year-old doughnut-eating contest winner, was arrested for stealing from a Dunkin' Donuts shop. Read more.

Police say former Burger King employee Steven Ramirez barged into a Las Vegas location and demanded that his manager give him more hours. Read more.

D-backs outfield Yasmany Tomas was arrested for reckless driving and criminal speeding in Phoenix. Read more.

Alexander Weiss is accused of shooting a teenager during a road rage argument.  Read more.

Police say double-murder suspect, 35-year-old Cleophus E. Cooksey Jr., is responsible for nine killings in the Phoenix area. Read more.

WWE superstar Jey Uso was arrested for DWI following a WWE live event in Hidalgo, Texas. Read more.

Coltin Friedenstab, 30, and 18-year-old Angel Leon were arrested in connection to a home invasion in Phoenix. Read more.

Zynia Lolita Chapman, 23, is accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death in a Phoenix apartment. Read more.

Chandler police arrested 41-year-old John Ormond after they say a woman was found tied to her bed with her feet shackled. The woman is believed to be a victim of kidnapping and assault. Read more.

David Turpin, 57, and his 49-year-old wife, Louise Turpin, were arrested after 12 children were held captive under lock-and-chain by their parents, according to police. Read more.

Christian Thomas McCall, 47, was shot and taken into custody after three deputies and a K-9 officer were shot in South Carolina. Read more

Police arrested 28-year-old Matthew Nicholson after they say he fatally shot his mother after an argument that erupted as he was playing a video game. Read more.

Police say Major Aaron Murry admitted striking a 4-year-old girl when she spilled milk near his Xbox gaming system, and a judge says the child may not survive her injuries. Read more.

Authorities say Michael Mclain, an employee at an auto body repair shop, was arrested after an explosive device was found at his workstation. Read more.

Andrew J. Lamorie was arrested and charged with child abuse after police say his 2-year-old daughter was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. Read more.

Police say Jerrod Schmidt, a registered sex offender, was arrested after he peered into classrooms of a Flagstaff high school. Read more.

Police say David Hall lived with girlfriend's corpse for a month and hid the smell with candles. Read more.

Troopers say Brianna Dee Knox was driving drunk with her young son in the car when she crashed into several vehicles. Read more.

Police say David Vipond, 60, fatally stabbed his wife and then stabbed himself because they'd decided to end their lives due to financial troubles. Read more

Police say Tory Gentry was arrested after he branded a child with a heat gun. Read more

Authorities say 57-year-old Katherine Herbert fatally shot her husband in the head and then spent two days running errands, including praying at church. Read more

Lucinda Black, Ashley Black and Danie Black were arrested after a 3-year-old girl drank meth-laced soda that was stashed inside a water bottle, according to police. Read more

Dustin Perkins, 35, was arrested following a police chase in the Southeast Valley. Read more.

Tony Thomas is accused of fatally stabbing his wife after she changed the TV channel during a football game. Read more.

Daniel Bennett, 18, is accused of repeatedly sexually molesting a horse. Read more.

Police say 30-year-old Alyce Davenport ditched her own mother's funeral to break into her home and steal a safe willed with items worth $90,000. Read more.

Police say 28-year-old Tyler Edwards tried to rob a Chinese restaurant but left empty-handed when an employee could not understand his note or the demands for money he made in English. Read more.

Police say 22-year-old Dustin Johnson filled up a shopping cart with about $4,000 worth of merchandise at a Hobby Lobby store, but was stopped after the cart got stuck in the snow in the parking lot and tipped over. Read more.

Police say they arrested 32-year-old Alberto Saavedra Lopez in connection to a 2016 bank theft incident after he tried to apply for a job with Cottonwood police. Read more.

Police say Monica Alanas, 21, and her husband, 26-year-old Jonathon Flores-Barona, face animal cruelty charges after a dog froze to death when it was left outside on their porch overnight. Read more.

Police say 18-year-old Noah Holland was arrested after he broke into a home, took his clothes off and crawled on top of an 8-year-old girl while she was asleep in her bed. Read more.

Brett Pendleton is accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl in a motel room, forcing her to eat methamphetamine and smoke marijuana. Read more.

Yvonne Ramirez, 19, is accused of killing 19-year-old Joshua McKinney on New Year's Eve. Read more.

70 suspects were arrested following a Christmas lingerie party at a Georgia home. Read more.

Authorities say 34-year-old Sherwin Shayegan was arrested for massaging a teenage boy's back without his permission at a New Jersey airport. Read more.

Frankie Gebhart and Bill Moore Sr. were arrested in connection to a 1983 murder of Timothy Wayne Coggins. Read more.

Jack Junior Montgomery, 31, was arrested in connection to the murder of his 7-year-old stepson. Read more

Marcigtan Winfrey, Sr., 42, was arrested in connection to a deadly hit-and-run in San Tan Valley. Read more.

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