New report suggests lowering BAC legal limit from .08 to .05

- Several groups are encouraging states around the country to lower the DUI limit from 0.08 to 0.05. In fact, the idea was recently signed into law in Utah.

It takes a different amount from person to person to get over the limit, "buzzed," or drunk, but this suggestion is based on road safety, with the hope being fatal crashes could be reduced.

One drink, two drinks, three drinks -- with each "dilly dilly," your blood alcohol concentration is on the rise. A majority of the country has 0.08 as the legal limit for driving under the influence, but a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine suggests lowering that limit to 0.05.

"I feel that you shouldn't be able to drink and drive in general just because you can't control it," said Robert Gowdy.

The report cites driving fatality statistics. Since 1982, about a third of all fatal accidents were caused by drunk drivers. There were just under 27,000 drunk driving arrests in Arizona in 2017.

"If I can drink something that's going to make me drunk or intoxicated, why should I be able to have a little bit in me or drive for it to be legal?" asked Gowdy.

"Why drink, because a lot of them go over their limit anyway, that's like what, one little glass? They're not going to stop at one little glass," said Paula Carter.

But a 0.05 means that a 100 pound female is over the limit after one drink. The more you weigh, the more drinks it would take, but it wouldn't take much.

"If three to four beers was enough to get a bigger guy like you to a 0.05, imagine what that would do to a little girl," said Devin Kolesar.

Shawnie added, "I think it's quite strict because everyone's tolerance is quite different. For you, two beers may be fantastic, for me it doesn't quite work."

Utah passed a 0.05 law that goes into effect later this year if it's not repealed. Other suggestions from the committee include limiting the hours and days alcohol is sold and opening up things such as ride sharing companies so people can get a safe ride home.


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