New technology sheds new light on Phoenix Lights phenomenon

The "Phoenix Lights" appeared in the Arizona sky 19-years-ago today!
Hundreds of people reported seeing lights from Phoenix to Tuscan and as far away as Nevada.
Some people believe the lights were UFO’s from outer space, others maintain they were simply flares.
Fast forward 19 years and there is still not a clear explanation.
Hundreds saw the lights, but only a handful of people captured the Phoenix lights on camera, one being valley physician Dr. Lynne Kitei. 
Almost two decades later and she says talking about the event is more important than ever, especially since she says new high tech analysis debunks some of the explanations offered. 
“These were very different…these were orbs, the light was self-contained and it was uniform throughout,” says Kitei. “It didn't glare, very different from anything I’ve ever seen.”
Dr. Lynne Kitei had her first sighting in 1995. She saw bright lights outside her bedroom window. 
“It was stunning; it was riveting to see as we watched the top orb started to implode very, very slowly as if there was intelligence behind it.”
The doctor immediately snapped pictures with her 5mm camera.
Those images were quickly put out of sight, but never out of mind…and two years later they appeared again, this time, a phenomenon known as the Phoenix Lights. 
“Just because we don't have the technology yet to define what these things are doesn't mean they aren't real,” says Kitei. “We may just be looking on the AM dial for an FM frequency.”
What she saw...what thousands of people in Arizona...Nevada and even California on March 13, 1997 has been studied, but no one has concluded what they were.
Until now says Dr. Kitei.
Her video explains the doctor was shot before 10:00 p.m. One other clip shot by someone else offers yet another perspective...a boomerang formation.
“Now there’s a new analysis of that boomerang, as well, with new high tech stabilization that shows unequivocally that those lights didn't budge... never addressed in 19 years the multiple craft that people saw.”
Answers may never come. The truth could be light years away, but for those like Dr. Kitei who saw with their very own eyes…March 13, 1997 will always be a day that changed their lives.
This afternoon an event was held at the Harkins Shea celebrating the anniversary of the lights.
A film was shown and several speakers were on hand at the event.
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