Pet owners nearly mauled to death by their group of canines


It was a terrifying ordeal for two people in the north valley. 

They are rushed to the hospital after being attacked by a group of dogs. 

Stefania Okolie has the story... 

First responders got to this scene as it was happening and they say it was a vicious attack. These dogs were pulling their owners part. Hearing fire officials describe this scene was quite stomach turning. His was a situation where everyone had to think fast...because these owners were on the verge of being killed. 

“There were chunks of skin chunks of flesh being chewed out of them.” 

Officials describe a nasty and violent dog attack on two owners early this evening. 

The dogs were actively biting, chewing...” 

A neighborhood near 35th Avenue and Deer Valley is rattled tonight as five dogs attacked their homeowners. 

“I heard my neighbors across the street screaming bloody murder help, help help.” 

First responders say the attack started in the home and somehow spilled out into the yard—that’s when Nicholas Reed ran over. 

I saw him and a lady that lives in our neighborhood being eaten to death by their dogs.” 

Nick says he ran home to grab his shot gun, but still was torn -- not knowing what to do. 

“I kept asking him what should I do should I shoot em. He kept saying shoot em and the lady kept saying shoot the dogs and I told them to protect themselves and I shot my shot gun and shot one of the dogs.  

One of the dogs was killed, but the others still lingered. First responders arrived quickly. 

Once on scene, firefighters opened their SVA bottles, which made loud hissing noises. That’s when the dogs were spooked away and both of the victims were pulled to safety. 

Nicholas saw both of them with dog bites all over their bodies. His heart hurts for his neighbors today after witnessing what happened. 

He was in the Vietnam War and fought 20 years in the war and he did everything to protect our country and I feel like I had to give back and protect him.”

Officials weren’t positive about the breeds of all five dogs, but they are sure that three of them are pit bulls. Neighbors however who are familiar with the dogs and claim they have been extremely aggressive in the past say they are inbred dogs that are 98% wolf. 

We working to confirm what exactly they were. 

Both owners are in the hospital in critical condition. 

We were told the dogs are still at the home, locked away and can’t be taken by Animal Control unless the owners surrender them.




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