Pinal County Sheriff asking government to stop undocumented criminals

Sheriff Paul Babeu and the Arizona Sheriff's Association are blasting the feds for how they've handled undocumented criminals in our state.
The PCSO says that ICE has been releasing thousands of illegal immigrants through that have criminal records.
Now ICE is notifying law enforcement when it releases criminals, but that too has some Sheriff's upset.
Babeu says this is the first notification of three dangerous criminals being released. They have been charged and/or convicted of aggravated assault, kidnapping, and even homicide, and they've been released by ICE in Arizona.
"You don't release murderers into the State of Arizona and somehow think that they're going to go about their business and try to find a job," said Paul Babeu.
He joins other Sheriffs across the state who say they are fed up and instead of releasing the criminals, they want them out of the country.
"All of us as Americans expect that these criminals not only be identified, we have them in our custody, deport them never to return to the United States again, nobody should be against that," said Sheriff Babeu.
Joining Babeu is Mary Ann Mendoza, her son a Mesa Police Sergeant, was on his way home when an illegal immigrant under the influence of alcohol drove the wrong way, hitting and killing her son. The driver was identified as being here illegally but was never deported.
"This is an American problem, illegal criminals shouldn't be shown leniency that costs Americans their lives," said Mary Ann Mendoza.
Another parent at the news conference also lost a son. In January, his 21-year-old son Grant was shot and killed by a man here illegally but was released on bond after a violent crime. Grant worked at a QT store; police say the suspect killed Grant during a robbery of the store.
"When will our children, our loved ones, when will they matter. My son was executed by a convicted felon," said Steve Ronnebeck.
Babeu is calling on the President and Congress to start taking steps to require foreign nations to receive their citizens that must be deported from the United States. Until that happens, the Sheriff's Association says it fears the criminals who have been released will victimize Arizona families.
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