Possible Pat's incredible weight loss transformation continues

He's known to thousands as "Possible Pat", all because he is a man on a mission to inspire others through his weight loss journey
FOX 10 first discovered Pat back in June.
He lost more than 300 pounds by eating right and exercising.
But he was left with a lot of extra skin.
And on Monday he is finally undergoing surgery to have that skin removed.
FOX 10'S Marcy Jones had the exclusive FOX follow up on Pat's journey and his post-operation plans.
Just four days before Pasquale Brocco goes under the knife to get his excess skin removed, he is showing off his skills in the kitchen that helped him lose more than 330 pounds.
"A lot of people don't realize it's not just eating clean, it's cooking clean, if you cook a healthy meal in grease it's no longer healthy!"
Three years ago Pat was 605 pounds, but thanks to eating clean and a rigorous workout schedule, he is down to a lean 280 pounds, leaving a lot of extra skin.
And that is where surgery comes in.
Pat says he is nervous but driven.
"And now I see that I can't turn back, there's no turning back especially when I'm motivating so many people."
Post surgery, Pat says he is dedicating his life to fitness and helping others be the healthiest they can be.
"I was never taught in school 'oh you should be eating this or you shouldn't be eating this' and if people know I feel like we could save lives through this."
With hopes to compete in a fitness competition this January Pat says it is no longer about him; it's about encouraging others, like a 500 pound man who reached out to Pat saying that if it weren't for Pat's journey he would have given up.
"'Before I saw your story I was going to commit suicide too'. He was like you gave me hope and no I know I can do it - I was just like at that point I realized you need to keep on working I need to work harder because there so many more people that I could help."
With so much on the line Pat adds there are no excuses, even injuries or holidays.
"I broke my radiohead, and I didn't miss a day. I trained legs I did cardio and I did abs. I go on Christmas, I go on Thanksgiving and I be the one cookin!"
The surgery, which will take nine hours, is taking place early Monday morning. 
He says he is not so nervous about going under the knife, but he is anxious to miss eight weeks in the gym for recovery.

Online: www.facebook.com/gymratpat

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