Rocking out with Recker: 6-year-old musical prodigy wows valley crowds

- One of the valley's hardest rockers has a growing fan base and a rock star name. Every First Friday, "Recker" steals the show by playing heavy metal, but looks can be deceiving.

He's always drawing some of the biggest crowds. Playing covers of hard pumping music from bands like Metallica and Five Finger Death Punch, this rocker goes by the name Recker and he wows valley crowds. But this Monster of Rock who hails from Gilbert isn't very monstrous at all.

Recker Eans can only be described as a 6-year-old musical prodigy.  He picked up his first set of drumsticks when he was just four years old. The little rock 'n roller says he was always drawn to it.

"Just by the sound of it.. the way it looks cool and it sounds cool and that stuff," he said.

So to be so into music, and so good at such a young age, it had to come from Mom and Dad, right? 

"I have zero musical talent. I like to call myself a singer but that's only in the car."

"I'm the guy that plays on the steering wheel in the car, that's it."

Proud parents Laura and Justin Eans never played in a band and they never pushed Recker in to music, they say he was just sort of born to play.

"I noticed he always had pretty good rhythm and bobbed his head pretty good to music, and when he was four he'd always be smacking his legs in the car listening to tunes.. for his fifth birthday I'm like hey buddy, what do you want? And he said how about a drum set. I don't want this thing here to just bang and make obnoxious noise, I want him to learn how to use it."

Recker started honing his musical talent at Gilbert's School of Rock.  General Manager Megan Baskerville says he's the youngest performer in the school's history.

"I think he just turned five because he's about to turn seven, and little dude just wanted to play drums so typically we don't start that young, but he like just got it right away."

Recker instantly took to School of Rock instructor Christian Rich, who's been there for every drum solo along the way.
"It's gnarly man, he learned all of "Enter Sandman" yesterday in probably 45 minutes," said Rich, who adds it's very easy to forget that his pint sized protege is only six.
Christian and Recker's performances, complete with a dab for good measure, helped prepare Recker for downtown Phoenix's First Friday street fair. The crowds can't get enough of him.
From the rockstar hair and clothes to the name, yes, it's real. The little dude with the big drum kit could have a bright future in rock and roll.
"As a musician, you're always learning.. you never stop. So there's a lot of things that he can continue to get pushed, and we might see him playing in an arena one day," said  Baskerville. "He's one of a kind for sure."
And when the music stops, how does the small star celebrate? Parties? Girls?
Not quite. He's asleep before the family can get home.
When he's not at School of Rock, Recker attends Coronado Elementary School, where he's also learning Chinese because being six years old and being a great drummer just isn't enough.
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