Security experts explain how to be vigilant

- If you see something, say something, it's the phrase commonly uttered by the US Department of Homeland Security, and we're hearing it now more than ever.

Honestly, what does it mean? What is the something we should be looking for?

Security experts say it means a state of mind, they want Americans to wake up and start paying attention in a dangerous world.

In a perfect world, this black bag would be filled with a laptop computer and textbooks. But the world has changed dramatically, and you can no longer assume things are what they appear to be.

Rafael Serra likes the Homeland Security trademark. If you see something, say something. He fears says Americans have become complacent and distracted since 9-11.

People are just fixated on their phones, they aren't watching what is going on around them, just totally oblivious to what is going on.

So what would you do if you saw an unattended bag? Experts say start asking questions like how long has it been there?

"It's not my backpack; it's not your backpack, whose backpack is it then? Just ask questions," said Rafael Serra

If you have doubts or your gut tells you something is wrong, call law enforcement. He trains security guards for Imperial Protective Services. His guards are taught to observe and report. He believes Americans need to be trained to do the same thing, and no he says he's not being paranoid.

"I know my wife gives me a hard time because I'm stressing about it all the time, she says you need to relax. We can't relax, it's not the society we live in anymore, you always have to be watching always," said Serra. 


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