Signs posted at Bashas' about service dogs and pets

"Pets that are coming in just to keep them cool that you're running errands with you know with mom, unfortunately we do have to ask those folks to take those pets home before they come back," said Ashley Shick.
Several Valley Bashas' locations now have signs that say 'no pets allowed, service animals welcome'.
Ashley Shick with the stores says this is direct response to the amount of dogs they have seen in their stores this summer.
"We sell groceries, so every single day, food safety is the upmost importance to our organization and when you have animals in the store, we just want to make sure we are keeping the cleanest store as possible and everything is 100 percent up to code as it should be."
Bashas' is not alone on the issue. 
Owner of the Hitching Post in Apache Junction, Mo Mohiuddin, says people bring dogs into the restaurant all the time claiming to be service dogs.
"A few minutes later we see they get an extra plate and then the dog sitting on the chairs and tables and they are eating the fries," said Mohiuddin.
Pinal County Supervisor Todd House who also works with Paws for Life, which trains service dogs, says this is becoming a major issue.
"Let's say you have an issue and you call for mayday, when you call mayday that dog is supposed to go run and get you help, it can't do that when it's in the cart."  
House says unfortunately people are taking advantage of the system knowing legally there is nothing a store or restaurant owner can do.
"Legally you can ask is that your service dog, and they'll say yes, and what task does that service dog for you? That's all you can ask," said House.
House Bill 2255 will go into effect at the end of the month.
It's a state law so local police can enforce it. It states that a service dog must be on a leash, under control and no more than 3 feet from the owner. It also can't be barking at other dogs.
House is hoping to get more legislation passed to protect legitimate service dogs.
Here is the full report on what the ADA classifies as a service dog and the legalities of the issue:
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