Spa offers fat freezing treatment

- Did you fail your New Year's Resolution, or maybe the Valentine's Day Chocolate showed up in your selfies in the form of a fat neck? You may be looking in the mirror and seeing that plump turkey or Christmas ham looking back at you; it may be time to hit the deep freeze as in cool sculpting.

Coolsculpting has been freezing off excess body fat for more than a decade, but now they're targeting the fat in your neck and the little ham chops above your arm pits.

In the age of selfies and profile pictures, there is no hiding the dreaded turkey neck, some call it the double chin, the Alfred Hitchcock, it's neck fat, and there is no angle or filter that can get rid of it.

"I mean it was bad, I had a big double chin, it was bad, it was bad," said Honi.

Stubborn fat that builds up year after year and never goes away.

"We live in the age of selfies, and Facebook and Twitter and everything is in our face, and although we can hide other packets of fat in our body, it's hard to hide your neck," said

In the past, the only way to remove it involved going under anesthesia and getting the fat sucked out with liposuction. But the newest way doesn't require needles or shots, it freezes the fat away. When 65-year-old Honi heard that she was in.

"It's the easiest thing on earth, it's not like liposuction, you don't have to worry about are you gonna get an infection, are you gonna react to anesthesia, are you groggy?" said Honi.

Coolsculpting is an FDA approved and non-surgical way to reduce your fat, they've been freezing fat off guts, thighs, and backs for years, now they're going for the throat. Say goodbye to neck fat.

"I went back to work, the first treatment that I had was two hours, I went back to work immediately," said Honi.

Honi had one treatment and liked what she saw.

"Everyone in my office can see the difference," she said.

She wants to get rid of all her neck fat; we met up with her for treatment number two.

"I'm hoping to get rid of this last little bit right here," said Honi.

Bodify in Phoenix specializes in Coolsculpting in a spa-like atmosphere, including a man cave for guys who want the procedure. They showed FOX 10 how the procedure works.

First the area is marked, and then the fat freezing attachment is put into place, an hour later the frozen fat is massaged, and Honi is on her way.

"It's wonderful not to look like Alfred Hitchcock, I love it," said Honi.

Bodify co-owner Jessica Johnson predicts will be one of the most popular areas to treat.

"We see men and women all the time, and they're frustrated because they're doing the right thing, and these areas are not diminishing. It's not because they aren't trying. It is just these areas are exercise and diet resistant, and it's not going to go away, and it's not for lack of effort," said Jessica Johnson.

Along with the neck fat, they are freezing other stubborn areas.

"Armpit fat, some call it auxiliary puffs, some people call it tea cups," said Johnson.

With results already showing, Honi thinks they may be all she needs to get her neck back in shape and to start looking great.

"If I had all the money in the world I'd have every area done, every area, the arms, stomach, I'd freeze it all off," said Honi.

Each treatment costs about $900; the spa is located near 44th St and Thomas. They offer services to men as well in the Coolsculpting man-cave.


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