Tesla debuts new autopilot software

- Thanks to some new software at Tesla, cell phones aren't the only thing going hands-free.

The car company released a new version that comes with an updated autopilot, among several other cool features, so to test it, we sent FOX 10's Marcy Jones out for a spin.

"Have you read the manual Tudor? Do you know what you're doing?" she asked Tudor Melville, a Tesla owner.

He replied, "Just a little bit."

In fact, Tesla's 7.0 Autopilot software is so new, it's almost impossible to know every feature, but Melville says there's one thing he's sure of.

Once you go Tesla, can you ever go back?  "No. It's impossible. There is no way. You're done," he said.

Things started out slowly.

"It's set at 40 miles per hour, it's going to break and gas all by itself," explained Melville.  "It changes lanes by just putting the blinker on.. it's speeding up, as you can see its's all hands-free, we'll put on the blinker, lets her slow down a bit, as you can see, it slowed down because that car right there was turning. I didn't touch anything."

But it didn't take long until things took a turn -- enter "Insane" mode.

With sensors all around a sonar in front and the ability to control speed, Tesla isn't even close to stopping at Insane mode.

"There's another one out called "Ludicrous," said Melville.  "Ludicrous is even more insane than this car!"

When asked if anyone has had a bad reaction to the car, Melville said just one, his wife.  She yelled she was going to get sick.  She'll continue to drive her Jeep.

Online: www.teslamotors.com/blog/your-autopilot-has-arrived

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