That old video game you have could be worth a lot of money

- That old Atari or Super Nintendo game that is tucked away in a home (perhaps yours) could be worth a lot of money.

Or, to use game terminologies, if you need a power-up financially, those extra coins might be hiding in the video games you had in the past.

For vintage game collector Alfredo Torres, that may be an understatement.

"I would say around $3,000, maybe more," said Torres, when asked about the value of his game collection. "The consoles alone are about $1,000."

Torres' almost entire Nintendo set of video games may be worth quite a bit of money, but he hasn't spent nearly as much gathering the games.

"I go thrifting," said Torres. "I buy some at stores. I've gone to conventions. If a friend of mine doesn't want his games anymore, I'll buy them off him if I can."

It helps that Torres works at video game shop Game Over Games in Phoenix, but his passion for collecting started, before it became his job.

"I started looking at videos and say, 'I remember having those as a kid'," said Torres. "I've always wanted an area to have a bunch of games, whenever I was bored or had friends over."


Torres is also a collector of Nintendo game consoles.

"The Nintendo Entertainment System, came out in the mid 80's," said Torres. "The Super Nintendo in the 90's, the Nintendo 64, the Nintendo Wii, the Wii U, along with some handhelds like the Game Boy, the Nintendo DS, and the Nintendo Advance SP."

Torres isn't the only one going retro, as Phoenix just had its annual gaming expo, where people were looking to earn, or spend, some serious coin.

"It really brings me back to my childhood," said Tony Johnson. "Just all the fun times you used to have with your brothers and sisters, playing video games."

So what should you do if you have some cartridges collecting dust? Don't write them off.

"Sometimes, they kinda just have a yard sale and sell them off really cheap, because they don't care about the stuff anymore," said Torres.

Instead,have a pro take a look at the set

"Someone could be sitting on a very big gold mine," said Torres.

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