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Activist critical of police undergoes use of force scenarios
We've seen protests all across the country after police officers have been accused of shooting people who aren't armed. But what would happen if one of those protesters looked at what it's like to wear a badge, and be put in a life or death situation? Read more

Woman's hidden camera captures her boyfriend abusing her dogs
When this woman realized her French Bulldogs were acting a little strange, she decided to set up a hidden camera to find out why. What she discovered her boyfriend was doing to them is going to leave you absolutely incensed. Read more.

Utah officers say mysterious voice called them to rescue baby trapped inside car
Four police officers rushing to an overturned car in an icy Utah river say they all heard the same thing: a mysterious female voice calling out “Help,” from inside the vehicle. But the driver of the car was dead and her 18-month-old daughter, while still alive, couldn’t have been the speaker. It was a mystery that continues to haunt the officers – and may never be explained. Read more.

Police: Teen fends off woman's attacker
18-year-old Steven Conway doesn't think what he did is such a big deal, but it is.  In all likelihood, officials say this high school senior saved a woman's life. "I helped a woman that needed help and that's pretty much it," is how he described it. Read more.

Man finds abandoned baby on his way to work
On his way to work, Raul Marin Ceja saw something peculiar: a little blanket bundle that looked like it had something in it. Curiosity got the better of him, and he looked inside to find a little baby girl. The newborn had been abandoned, and Ceja got her medical attention immediately. He now plans to adopt the little girl. Read more.

Airline passenger's photo shows worker 'duct taping the plane'
A passenger on board an easyJet flight was shocked to see an airport worker applying tape to the engine shell moments before take-off. Read more.

Watch a soldier shock his mom when he photobombs the family photo
A South Carolina family snapshot was photobombed by the best person possible – their soldier son! Read more and watch the heartwarming reunion.

Police: Avondale woman said boys weren't loved, so she drowned them
An Arizona mom allegedly told police she drowned her twin two-year-old sons because "nobody loved them and nobody loved her." Court documents show Mireya Alejandra Lopez admitted to killing the boys and said she attempted to drown another family member, but was stopped by a relative. Read more.

Exclusive: Man severely injured after eCigarette blows up in his face
Looking at James Lauria is an absolutely heartbreaking sight. His pictures in the hospital show him with a breathing tube, his face and his fingers burned. And he said it's because of an e-cigarette that exploded in his face. Read more.

DPS confirms 11th vehicle shooting in Phoenix
Arizona authorities confirmed that 11 vehicles area have been shot with bullets or other projectiles in the last two weeks, nearly all of them on freeways in the Phoenix area. Read more.

Sounds of porn play over Target store's intercom
Gina Young, a mother of twins from Campbell, Calif., was shopping at her local Target store when the audio from a porn movie started to play over the intercom system. Read more.

Man killed in Interstate 5 freeway rollover crash, ejected onto freeway sign
The family of a man whose body landed on a freeway sign during a car crash says they performed a lamb sacrifice for him days earlier for protection from harm. Read more.

MCSO investigating alleged puppy mill in Tonopah home
126 pugs and 3 French bulldogs were found in deplorable conditions. The owners are accused of running a puppy mill. Read more.

Smokers who use e-cigs are 'risking harm to their lungs'
They're seen as a safe alternative to tobacco, but e-cigarettes could still harm your lungs. Tests on more than 50 types of electronic cigarettes found most contain a chemical blamed for an incurable condition called 'popcorn lung.' Read more.

Shoplifting suspect tosses gun into Santa area
It was a chaotic scene inside the Arrowhead mall as a man who was caught shoplifting with his child in tow is accused of pulling a gun on security guards and then punching one of them. But the chaos didn't stop there. The gun went flying over the railing and landed near a line full of children waiting to see Santa Claus. Read more.

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