Traditional matchmaking thrives in digital world

- February 14 - for some, it's Statehood Day in Arizona. Perhaps for many others, it's Valentine's Day.

For possibly a sizeable number of people, it's Singles Awareness Day (SAD, we know).

In an age where apps like Tinder, as well as LGBT-focused varieties like Grindr and OKCupid are getting more and more users, some are putting the phone down, and are trying a more traditional way to find a love match.

These people are "goin' old school", and turning to a matchmaker.

For those who might not understand what a matchmaker does, he or she does exactly what the job title says: making a match. They do a lot of the work for a person, and then goes out to find someone they think that person will hit it off with.

For some, the world of on-line dating is rather not appealing. Some men and women have tried those apps, and have been shocked and disappointed by their online dates.

"Ones that have been in prison, ones that have kids and never told you, ones that are still married, ones that are 15 years older than they say they are. It's a lie from the beginning for most of them," said Michelle Korzon. She's considering going the matchmaking route.

"It's hard to meet people regardless of what age, whether you're in your 20s or 50s, it's hard," said Jean Adams with Kelleher International. "That's where we come in."

Adams has been a matchmaker for 30 years in the Valley, and runs Kelleher International. She said many clients come to her, because of horror stories from online dating apps.

"There's a lot of misrepresentation," said Adams. "We're doing the vetting and the background checks, and we're making them accountable for what they say."

As appealing as matchmaking sounds, there is a major difference between it and online dating: cost. While many online dating apps are free (and some, like OKCupid and Grindr, have premium add-on features that requires a monthly subscription), matchmaking could cost anywhere from $5,000 on up.

Still, Corzon says she is considering to go the matchmaking route.

"I would invest and get off all those free sites, because they're disasters," said Corzon. "I think paying for someone to matchmake you is the way to go."

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