Trump backers call foul over state GOP delegate vote

- Some of Donald Trump's biggest supporters say they've been cheated. The billionaire businessman won Arizona's Presidential Preference Election by a big margin, more than 22 points. But he only received a dozen delegates at the State GOP convention over the weekend, and now Arizona's former Governor is crying foul.

Jan Brewer says she was cheated out of being a Donald Trump delegate. She says she believed there were technical glitches for losing the vote to become a delegate. She blasted the process at the weekend GOP convention.

"I have a little bit of experience about elections you know, I was the state elections director, and you have a problem, and you acknowledge it, and you know it's going to be nothing but bad news, you stop, and you start over, and you do it right," said Gov. Jan Brewer.

Brewer will still be going to the convention in Cleveland, but not as a delegate. Trump has only won 12 of Arizona's 58 delegates.

"I got cheated, Donald Trump and the people of Arizona did, he won Arizona, he won 2-1," said Brewer.

But the Arizona GOP says the explanation is simple; the Governor lost an initial vote to represent her Congressional district at the convention, and instead of being an alternate decided to run and be an at-large delegate and lost.

"She more or less cheated herself, she is familiar with winning, but in this particular situation she lost by a big margin actually," said Robert Graham.

As for Trump getting 12 delegates and Cruz and Kasich picking up the rest, it will only matter of Trump doesn't secure the nomination before the convention and the nomination becomes contested.

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