TSA finds bizarre, illegal items daily at Sky Harbor Airport

- You wouldn't believe what people pack in their bags when they go on a trip.

It's more than just clothes, shoes and a toothbrush.

From the bizarre to the illegal, every day the Transportation Security Administration at Sky Harbor International Airport discovers all kinds of items that won't be allowed on a plane.

Thousands of people pass through the TSA checkpoints at Sky Harbor daily.

"We always have to be on our toes," said TSA supervisor Orlando Villa.

The highly trained agents keep an eye out for any items that shouldn't be there and believe it or not, they get quite a few. Agents estimate that out of every five people going through security, one of them will have a prohibited item in their bag.

"It's a challenge everyday.. there are so many things that come through this checkpoint.. so many different situations," said Villa.

Agents say the number one culprit is water bottles that are over 3.4 ounces. But they also get some bizarre items. Lead agent Andre Burton showed us a table full of prohibited items they've collected from bags in just a 24 hour period.

"These are just some of the common items we see on a daily basis... We see pepper spray everyday," said Burton.

Something else they get a lot of: knives.

From small Swiss Army knives to Leatherman knives to novelty knives, anything with a blade is prohibited on a plane.

And how about this -- TSA says on average, they get about four to five guns a week at Sky Harbor.

"Arizona, being an open carry state.. a lot of passengers forget to take their guns out of their bags," said Villa.

But that mistake could be costly. It's a crime to bring a gun through security and depending on the situation, someone could be fined up to $11,000.

"We have power tools.. a bull whip."

Villa says after 14 years on the job, nothing surprises him anymore.  He showed us some of the more unusual items they've collected recently, from an oversized tool, to a comb with a concealed knife inside and personal protection devices.

These eagle eye agents always have to stay vigilant, attentive and up on their training to prevent anything dangerous from making its way on to your next flight. 

TSA Prohibited items - www.tsa.gov/travel/travel-tips

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