Uber tips: Split fares during surge pricing

- A lot of people will be out partying on New Year's Eve and that means many will use the ride-sharing app Uber to get around town, but if you're using the service, you'll want to pay attention to some important tips.

Uber will be in demand. Prices will be higher than usual. It's called Surge Pricing.

If you check to see when you use Uber and if you can split the fare, you can party safely and affordably.

"I think it is fantastic.. super-convenient.. worked for me in the past.. use it all the time," said Amanda Goldberg, who adds that the advantage of using it tonight is, "..not having a lot of drunk drivers out there because that is always an issue tonight."

Uber's prices surge from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. when people are headed to parties and again after 12:30 a.m. when people start to head home.

"I don't like to when I have to pay a hundred bucks to go 10 miles. That is ridiculous. I would rather have a friend drive who is a designated driver," said Matt Gillis.

To save money, you can arrive early to party and leave just after midnight. The app can estimate your fare in advance. You can also split the tab with friends and the app shows you how.

An issue a lot of people are thinking about when they're using Uber is to tip or not to tip, that is the question.

Uber says the answer is you don't have to tip, but if you want to give your driver a cash tip, you can.

Remember, the number one tip for the holiday is to be safe. That's where designated drivers and Uber really shine.

"If you are driving tonight, you better only be drinking water. Everyone likes to have fun. It is an easy, safe way to get home," said Aaron Castro.

Other useful features of the Uber app: you can confirm your driver's license plate and name, so you get in the right car; you can send trip details to friends and family so they can keep track of where you are; contact your driver later if in all the excitement, you forget something in the car.

Online: https://www.uber.com

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