Valley boy honored by Donor Network for his impact on others

- For the 6th year in a row, Donor Network of Arizona will take part in the Fiesta Bowl Parade in Central Phoenix on Saturday.

Every year, a hero who gave the gift of life was honored, and this year is no exception. This year's champion, Devohn Scott, gave the gift of life when he was just three years old. His life on Earth may have been short, but his impact is still being felt, to this very day.

"He was the kid that everybody loved," said Stacy Lord, who donated her son's organs. "He lit up the room, and he just spread so much joy and so much love."

In December 2007, Devohn fell in the family's home, and hit his head on a table.

"At the time, it wasn't apparent how severe that fall was," said Lord. "He got up, he obviously was hurt from the fall, but he wasn't initially severely hurt."

Lord later checked on Devohn after he was sleeping, and found him unconscious. Devohn was rushed to the hospital.

At first, Devohn was thought to have a concussion, but the prognosis was far worse.

Devohn had a fractured skill and swelling on the brain, and a brain scan showed no activity.

"At that time, I knew, I knew my son was leaving, but I wanted to have hope," said Lord. That very hope led to a difficult decision for any grieving parent to make.

Lord had to decide if she was going to donate her son's organs.

"Without hesitation, I said, 'if you can't save my son, please save somebody else,'" said Lord.

Devohn's Kidneys were given to a 74-year-old woman, while his liver was given to a two-year-old boy.

Devohn's heart, meanwhile, went to 10-month-old Kaidance Stephenson. Stephenson, who is from Utah, was suffering from Cardiomyopathy. At the time, Kaidance had a device pumping her heart, and keeping her alive.

Without a transplant, she would not survive.

Kaidance's mother, Shauntelle Stephenson, said she will never forget the day her daughter's life was saved.

I just put myself in Stacy [Lord]'s shoes -- and obviously, I didn't know her at the time -- but here I was, the one that had been planning my daughters funeral," said Stephenson. "I had it planned. I knew where I was going to bury her and everything else, and then here's Stacy. She had a perfectly healthy baby boy, and her son was taken from her."

The two families met in April 2015. They are now in contact with each other everysay, and at the Fiesta Bowl Parade, they, along with the Donor Network of Arizona, will celebrate the life of Devohn, a boy who loved superheroes, saved numerous lives, and a boy whose legacy and impact is still felt, to this very day.

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