Woman offers cash to anyone who can prove Prop 104s claims

The vote for Prop 104, a $30 billion sales tax measure to extend the light rail is only days away.
A Phoenix woman is so against the plan that she is offering $1,000 to anyone who can prove to her that expanding the light rail will reduce congestion and pollution as supporters claim.
She says Prop 104 is a waste of money and is surrounded by lies. She chose to offer up $1,000 because she says there is no way anyone can prove the expansion will reduce congestion and pollution. She's betting she will be keeping her money.
"Just fix the (expletive) potholes," said Becky Fenger.
Fenger is fired up about Prop 104. If passed the measure would place a $30.5 billion tax over 34 years on the backs of taxpayers to fund Valley Metro light rail extensions and other transportation projects. 
She says less than 1% of the traveling public currently uses the light rail, and it would be a waste of money.
"Because the fact that someone said we have to be a world-class city, do we want world-class debt?" asked Fenger.
Fenger says one of the biggest lies is that the expansion will reduce congestion and air pollution. She feels so strongly about it that she's put up $1,000 of her own money for someone to prove her wrong.
"The traffic, the automobile traffic has to stop at intersections, and so now it eliminates left turns, so there's a lot of going around and around and then stalled at a red light, that emits the cars exhaust, emits pollution," she said.
City Councilwoman Kate Gallego, who is a supporter of Prop 104, says the expansion will, in fact, reduce congestion and air pollution.
"Everyone from the American Lung Association to Arizona State University scientists have calculated that public transportation helps reduce air pollution as long as there is more than 6 people on a bus, it's much more efficient than a car," said Kate Gallego.
Gallego says if passed a family can expect to see a $4 a month impact. She says the city is growing quickly, and people need more options for transportation.
"They're making the investments in all of the cities we compete with, and if we don't make these investments they will move ahead of us," said Gallego.
Fenger says there are other ways we can keep up.
"Busses could do the same thing, you could have luxury busses with wi-fi and everything for 1/10 the cost," said Fenger.
The vote for Prop 104 is Tuesday if it does not get passed the existing sales tax will run through 2020 and will not be extended to 2050.
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