Campaign logos; what artists think of the current candidates choices

A campaign logo should tell you all about the candidate at a glance.

Rand Paul is a Republican with Libertarian leanings, has a burning torch of freedom presumably.

Ted Cruz goes with the same imagery.

Mike Huckabee opts for hopeful yellow stars.

Ben Carson goes with the gold and blue; that's a little different.

Bernie Sanders steers clear of traditional dark blues and reds with a softer look.

And Marco Rubio goes all lowercase with a map of the continental United States, serving as a dot over the "I."

"The relationship of the little U.S. icon to his name is being dwarfed by his name, which is very interesting. And where is Alaska, what happened to Hawaii?" said Dina Boress Miller. 

The logo that is getting the most attention, not surprisingly is Hillary Clinton. The thing that has people scratching their heads is it seems to say hospital.

"It's a mark, it is not her name, there is no Hillary there, but you will see that and go that's Hillary, as opposed to Marco Rubio's which is spelled out Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz which is spelled out Ted Cruz.

Hillary's logo may seem exceedingly simple, but designers say it'll be easy to spot on smartphones and social media.

But the choice of the graphic designers we spoke to, Republican Carly Fiorina. Just her first name, with a simple red star. Graceful, elegant, and powerful.
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