Caught on video: Man holds onto car's trunk after alleged hit and run

WARNING: This video is intense and contains profanity.

A confrontation was caught on camera as a young man was struck by a car and then clinged to the vehicle's trunk as it sped off down the street.

We're hearing from both sides in the matter, but first we want to tell you exactly what played out at this Phoenix intersection.

This happened on Wednesday outside the Zia Record Exchange at 19th Avenue and Camelback Road.  According to police, this started as a fight in the parking lot.

It's a scene you might expect to see in an action movie, not in the Zia parking lot.

In the video, you can see a man standing behind the white car, then a few men get out and tell him to move.  Moments later, the car backs up, hops a curb and pins the man between two vehicles.  Then the car zooms away with the man clinging to it as a crowd watches in horror as the vehicle whips around a corner -- with the man still hanging on.

24-year-old Justin Finch survived with just scrapes and bruises.

"It was shocking.  I was scared for my life for a minute.. bam.. I got pinched between two cars.. this leg got twisted around and stuff.. I'm like, afraid," he said.

Finch says it all started as he was walking out of the record store.  He ways the group called him a gay slur which led to a physical fight and he admits he slammed one of the guys to the ground.  Eventually, Finch says police stopped the car a half mile away.

Police ended up letting everyone go as no one wanted to press charges.

"They said it was a mutual thing, but I don't think it was a mutual thing because I didn't come at them, they came at me," explained Finch.

But those in the other group say Finch isn't the victim.

"I turned around to walk outside and he assaulted me, he picked me up and I started defending myself," said 16-year-old Orlando Munoz, who was one of the people inside the white car.  He was with his uncle and his uncle's girlfriend, who he says was driving.

Munoz's mother, Yvette, who is gay, says her son never used a gay slur and this was no hate crime.

"I think it's foolishness.. both parties should have walked away," she said.

Still, Finch says he wants the people in the white car to face charges.

"I want justice.. I really do."

Phoenix police say everyone involved at the time declined to press charges, though now the case is being forwarded to the unit that investigates hate crimes.

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