Did someone die in your house? Valley woman discovers tragic history in her new condo

Here's a question that usually doesn't come up as you buy your American dream home. Has anyone ever died in the house, if so how did they die?

Those creepy questions are ones that a young valley woman wishes she would have asked.

Jennifer Marie's American dream was shattered by a nightmare. "This is my first home, it was devastating," said Jennifer Marie.

Two weeks after moving into her Central Phoenix condo with her two daughters a neighbor stopped her. "She said; do you know the history behind your house? And I said please don't tell me that somebody died in my house joking, and she goes; actually, yeah it's worse than that," said Marie.

In October of 2013 Michael Guzzo, a distraught and mentally unbalanced man went next door on the morning of Saturday, October 26th, 2013. He was enraged by their barking dogs, and no one can explain what happened next. 

Police say that Guzzo shot and killed four members of the Moore family and their two dogs. They say the 56 year-old went back to his own condo and fatally shot himself.

Those who knew him say he was troubled. Seven months later Jen bought Guzzo's condo without knowing its dark history. "$65,000 in cash, all my savings," she said.

"I just broke down crying, and I thought if only I had known I would never have purchased this home, never," said Marie. 

The horrific crime disturbed her so much that she immediately moved to her mothers house in the east valley.

Her realtor didn't know about the grisly crime, as a buyer, Jennifer said an attorney told her she had no recourse.

"There's not so much you can do, the law in Arizona says there's no requirement to disclose this sort of information, it's you as a buyer who has to be more savvy," she said.

So how to get savvy about your home? The developer of the website, DiedInHouse.com said that's his goal.

Roy Condrey with the website found a public record that showed one person died in the house. He's a real estate investor that launched the website in 2013. So far they've sold 20,000 records to people wanting to know if someone has died in their house or a house they were considering buying.

"You know they call it stigmatized properties or psychologically impacted property in the real estate community," said Roy Condrey.

The cost for one address is $11.99, so without Condrey's knowledge we put in Jennifer Marie's Phoenix address in, paid the fee, and waited.

Less than a minute later this report was e-mailed to us. It details the shootings last October and gives the names of the family next door killed by Michael Guzzo as well as Guzzo.

Information Jennifer didn't have before she bought Guzzo's condo. Now that she does, after much soul searching and weighing her options, she has decided to stay in the condo and raise her two daughters here. 

"I'm hoping to bring good energy and good vibes into this place with me and my girls and make it a happy home for us," said Marie.

She's hoping happy memories will chase away and replace the dark ones.
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