Embattled ASU Police Officer resigns and speaks out

Former Arizona State University Officer Stewart Ferrin is speaking out about his decision to resign from the ASU police force.

Ferrin came under fire following the arrest of Professor Ersula Ore.

That arrest was captured on dash cam video, at first ASU defended the arrest and said Ferrin did not violate protocol.

But the officer's termination letter paints a different picture.

The 18 page letter lists nearly half a dozen incidents where Ferrin's tactics were called into question, including two traffic stops made while off duty, but in uniform.

Another when he arrested a student on her way to her own birthday party for reckless driving. Threatening to arrest a parent who was lost on campus for disturbing the peace. And less than one week before the Ore incident, his supervisor spoke to him about using poor judgement when he threatened to arrest a graduate student for failing to obey the officers lawful order.

One ASU Sergeant told Ferrin that if he was Ferrin's supervisor, he would have him hang up his keys to the patrol car and put him on foot duty.

Regarding the arrest of Prof. Ore, the letter states Ferrin "did not employ sound judgement or discretion," and "seized Dr. Ore without a lawful basis."

Arizona State University issued a statement saying Ferrin resigned after an investigation into two incidents that happened within a week of each other, last year. Internal investigators were making a final determination of the appropriate discipline, including a review of his performance on duty.

"You know after, just like the letter says after 7 1/2 months of going through an investigation we received a notice of intent to terminate, we appealed that and the termination never happened. But it became apparent ASU was going to do whatever it could to affect me and ultimately ruin my career is the way I looked at it," said Ferrin.

During his letter of termination the university calls his tactics into question. "At the time that those incidents were investigated by the police department, they were determined appropriate," he said.

ASU insists Ferrin did not need prior training, counseling, or coaching, and used a maximum use of force approach to law enforcement. "I disagree with that. It's evident if you look at the way the police department has investigated these things that I followed protocol and did things the way I was trained to do," said Ferrin.

One of the questions that remains is whether Ferrin will pursue another career in law enforcement. "Prior to this incident I was testing with other agencies, I was testing with agencies, I was in an effort to lateral to another police agency and continue on with my career, this incident put that on hold. There are other opportunities that we have available now that I've resigned and moved on with my life, and it gives those agencies a green light to move forward and continue on. And it gives me time to spend time with my family," he said.

Ferrin's wife did have a baby earlier this month, he does plan to spend time with his family before pursuing other opportunities. He said he does have other law enforcement agencies who are interested in hiring him.

ASU said in part: "Mr. Ferrin's actions were examined in accordance with state law governing the review of law enforcement officers, and that review showed that he did not act in accordance with the standards of professionalism expected at ASU."

Ferrin wrote the following letter to the ASU Police Chief Mike Thompson.

To: Chief Mike Thompson

From: Police Officer Stewart Ferrin

Date: February 16th, 2015

As you know, for the past 7 ½ months I have been on administrative leave due to media attention reference my law enforcement action in May 2014. This unprecedented leave has affected my family and me a great deal. It has caused great financial stress and emotional anguish. Prior to, and during this investigation, I have been prevented from lateral opportunities with other Police agencies, promotional and training opportunities, from within the ASU Police, and personal experience with my family and friends.

I have enjoyed my time as a Police Officer at Arizona State University and know that I have made a difference in the community I served and positively impacted many lives through my contacts with the public. I however have to remember that I am a husband and father before I am a police officer.

The lack of support, cooperation, and downright bias, coupled with an agenda to ruin my career, has become unbearable and I will not subject my family to this any longer. The opportunities for family vacations, time playing with and helping my 2 little girls, and meaningful time spent with my wife, have been replaced with anxiety, stress, tears, and uncertainty. It is for this reason that I will no longer play the game that you and ASU have orchestrated in an effort to bring me down and affect my life at every front. I will not subject my family to this anymore and I am effectively breaking that chains that ASU has bound me with over the last 7 ½ months. I do this in an effort to continue with my life, to give my family better opportunities, and move past this horrible experience.

Effective today, February 16, 2015, I submit my resignation and my employment with Arizona State University Police.

I request the maximum amount of accrued time payouts, to include compensation and vacation time, as well as a complete and non-redacted copy of my personnel file and investigative report #2014-INT0008.

Stewart Ferrin #11051
Police Officer

Arizona State University English Professor Dr. Ersula Ore released the following statement regarding ASU's campus police officer Stewart Ferrin resignation: 

"I have never waivered on the facts regarding Officer Ferrin's unlawful arrest and use of unjustified and excessive force on me. I am very glad to learn that the University's investigation into this matter concluded and confirmed what I have asserted from the day of the vicious attack by officer Ferrin.  My only disappointment is that Officer Ferrin didn't take personal responsibility for his unjustified brutal actions and disregard for the truth. His resignation will insure that no one on the ASU campus will ever again be the victim of his lawlessness and violence" 

Read more about Officer Ferrin/Ersula Ore's controversial encounter here: http://www.fox10phoenix.com/category/291529/asu-ferrin-ore

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