Former phoenix resident has new-found respect for snow birds as more snow falls in northeast

The 4th major snow storm in four weeks is expected to dump at least another foot of snow on Boston. That makes for seven feet of snow in less than a month, and at this point, there's just no where to put it.

Take a look at this live camera outside Harvard University in Boston. These shots were recorded earlier today when it was still light out. And to put it in perspective, here's a shot of Phoenix from our Towercam next to it.

Aren't you glad you live in Arizona?

It's hard for us to comprehend just how much snow has accumulated in the northeast. But here's a picture a friend of mine named Chad Lowman put on Facebook today.

You can see the street in front of his house, and that right there is his neighbor's smart car covered in snow. You can barely see it!!

Here's a view of the front of his house tonight. Several feet of snow piled up, icicles hanging off the eaves. Wow, that makes you feel cold just looking at it.

And here's what it looks like without that snow; something chad hopes to see soon. For now, he and many other people in the area are stuck inside. I talked to him on the phone a little while ago.

"Since the last blizzard on January 27th, it hasn't been above 40 degrees," Lowman says." "It's been mostly in the 20's and teens, so all of these piles and all of these storms have just piled on top of each other. There's literally nowhere to put all the snow."

"It's a challenge, especially for my dogs," says Lowman. "I mean the back door keeps filling up and I have to keep shoveling, keep on top of it so I can even open my back door, cause otherwise I would just get shut in."

"I will say I have a totally new understanding and respect for snowbirds now. They used to annoy me when I lived there, but now, I get it. Now it's sort of [a] retirement goal."
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