Fox found on business' balcony

Some local business owners are getting an unusual intruder at their offices near the I-17 and Northern. 

A fox just so happened to show up and take up temporary residence on the second floor.

FOX 10 was there as business owners tried to figure out what to do with the fox so they could get back to work.

"A little unusual, very unusual," said Rudy Wieclaw.

Wieclaw was walking to work Monday at his office near I-17 & Northern when he spotted something out of the ordinary.

"I thought it was just a large cat, but it was a fox," he said.

The fox took up temporary residence at the office building, laying on a second story balcony, basking in the sun.

Rudy called 911 and Arizona Game & Fish to try and move the fox somewhere safer.

"My concern is number one getting into traffic and causing an accident, or getting into an area where there are children," said Allen with Allen Animal Control.

Allen Animal Control was nice enough to come out and try and trap the fox and return him to a more suitable location, but as soon as he got close the fox ran away.

"We were trying to capture this one and get him a safer area, but we got out-foxed," he said.

Allen said this time of year it's not uncommon to see more wildlife out and about.

"What happens this time of year now is all animals are starting to breed, and they're expanding their locations and territories, and this one was probably out foxing around, and it got light, and he went up to a higher area where he felt a little more comfortable," said Allen.
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