George and Brad Takei speak out about gay rights & marriage

 Actor and gay activist George Takei is a social media powerhouse. He's loved by Trekkies and fellow same-sex marriage activists.

His husband, Brad is an Arizona native, and the couple is speaking out about the Supreme Court's ruling that legalized same-sex marriage across the United States.

"We are overjoyed, we are proud, and we feel fully American," said George Takei.

George and Brad Takei have been together for 30 years, when they first met legal marriage seemed out of reach, and Takei's career was a priority.

"10 years ago he was that guy from Star Trek, now talking to you he is George Takei the activist and political animal. George was in the closet and not talking about the fact he was gay until ten years ago," said Brad Takei.

"Because I loved my career, I passionately loved acting, and I would not have been able to have a career if I had been out, that is how society has changed. I personify the change in our society; I had to be closeted in order to have a career," said George Takei.

Now at 78, Takei's career is still going strong, and so is his marriage with Brad. The couple bought their wedding rings at the Heard Museum in Phoenix.

FOX 10 spoke with them just before they headed up to their cabin in the White Mountains.

"We're going to the annual 4th of July parade on the deuce of clubs this weekend. To see the fireworks at Show Low High School," said Brad.

"We're having a party tomorrow night at our cabin for ten people, they are Arizonan's, they are White Mountain people," said George.

Takei remembers the moment he decided to reveal his relationship and push for marriage equality.

It was in 2005 when the California Legislature had just legalized same-sex marriage, but then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the legislation.

"That got us to discussing what I should do, and by that time I was 68, and I said well, maybe it is time," said George.

Since then the Takei's have been high-profile advocates for marriage equality.

"Marriage equality is the new normal in our country, and it sort of is like everyone take a breath, get rid of this political rhetoric, the narrow-minded vision," said Brad.

"We're doing it really for the straight young couples of today, they are going to be having the gay babies of tomorrow, and they won't have to have these discussions," said George.

The entire interview with Brad and George Takei has been posted on the FOX 10 YouTube channel. The couple are sharing their thoughts on the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage, including some pretty tough criticism for Justice Clarence Thomas.

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