iSpeed Chase: victim of theft hires Uber to track down thief

A Phoenix man refused to be a victim of theft after discovering his car was broken into and his iPad has been stolen. He ended up on a wild pursuit of the suspect in the back of a Uber car.

The bizarre story ended with the SWAT team being called out, and the bad guy taken into custody.

The man admits this was not a safe idea, but he said his emotions got the best of him.

He said the Uber driver was on-board to help him track down the suspects. He said he has a daughter his age and would be upset if her car were broken into.

"I come and see, like, bashed glass, so then I called 9-1-1, [they said] it's going to be a couple more hours until we can get someone out, so I hang up the phone and realize my iPad was in there in one of the bags. So then I track it, and it's still active, so then we ordered a Uber and we go to the location where it is at," said Christian Milano.

"We noticed that it's on its way back here, which we thought was really strange. So, as we're pulling up, I see this figure halfway in my car, and I ran over here and yelled 'hey!' and I chased him down the street. I ran back to the Uber car, I hopped in and told him to chase that car. That is the point that they then began booking it," he said.

"I had the police officer person on the phone, and they're asking where we're at, and then the Uber driver's like, we're on this street, we're here and we're there, it got to the point where it was kind of getting too dangerous. I met up with the police at a hospital and they sent the Uber driver and my friend to keep an eye on my car. I was in the passenger seat with the cop and she told me to keep refreshing my iPad to make sure it was still active. It looked like it was back at 23rd Avenue and Tierney so as we pull up, I saw the car I saw earlier," said Milano.

"Then there's more police dispatched, a helicopter was going over the house. It was a little crazy for my iPad, my stuff that was stolen. People who lived in the house were dangerous drug traffickers, so they didn't want to go in without SWAT. Then the officer said, 'this is it, we found it.' It was the craziest Sunday night ever, and I had to be at work in a couple of hours," he said.

Police did arrest a 43-year-old man and charged him with felony theft.

The trip cost Christian $23. So did the Uber driver get a big tip? Christian said he gave him a five-star review.
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