Jerice Hunter trial: Second police interview video released

The valley mother accused of killing her 5-year-old daughter was back in court Tuesday.

Prosecutors spent the afternoon trying to get to the bottom of why Jerice Hunter showed very little emotion about the disappearance of her child, Jhessye Shockley.

Jurors were shown a video from an interview between Hunter and police a day after Shockley disappeared.  In it, detectives grilled Hunter about whether or not she killed her daughter and they also wanted to know why she wasn't crying, knowing that her little girl was missing.

Detective: "Look at her, how can you not break down?  My heart is breaking over her.. I don't even know her."

Hunter: "That's my child."

Detective: "I feel it.. I feel it deep in my gut and I've never met this girl.  This is the daughter you gave birth to."

Hunter: "I don't have nothing to hide. This is Jhessye.. this is my child."

Detective: "You're not selling it to me."

Hunter: "I'm not trying to sell you nothing."

Detective: "You can kiss that picture.. you can love that picture, but it doesn't show me a thing."

Hunter: "Because I don't break down in front of you?"

Detective: "It doesn't show me anything.. you don't shed one tear."

Hunter: "You haven't been around me."

Detective: "You know what I think.. because you probably know what's going on."

Hunter: "I don't know where my baby is."

Detective: "And you've made peace with it."

Hunter: "Peace.. peace?"

Detective: "She's not around."

Hunter: "Are you serious?"

Detective: "I want to know where she is."

Hunter:  "I don't know where my baby is."

Detective: "This is not a stranger abduction.  Something happened to her."

Hunter:  "I love my baby. I love my baby."

Detective: "No, not your baby. Jhessye. Jhessye. That is Jhessye."

Hunter: "That's my baby."

Detective: "Jhessye is the one missing, not your baby. No. Jhessye is the little girl who would get up in the morning and you would brush her hair and you would make sure she got to school.  Jhessye."

Hunter: "Jhessye."

Detective: "The little girl."

Hunter: "Jhessye. She is still my baby."

Detective: "You can call her that, but this is a person.  This is someone that something has happened to."

Police have maintained throughout their investigation that Hunter murdered her daughter.

But the little girl's body has still not been found.

In the meantime, Hunter's cousin took the stand on Tuesday.  She helped raise Jhessye while Hunter was in prison.  Her testimony will continue on April 1st.

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