Jurors in the Jerice Hunter murder trial speak out

One day after Jerice Hunter was found guilty in the death of her 5-year-old daughter, we're hearing from some of the people on the jury.

FOX 10 spoke with three jurors Tuesday afternoon, two of them agreed to talk with us.

They say being on this jury was life changing.

Their guilty verdict is not something they took lightly; they came forward mostly because of Jerice Hunter's mom outburst in court where she called the jury racists.

"My baby is not dead, you are all going to stop looking for her because she's black, she's not dead you racists," said Hunter's mom.

Two jurors in the trial say race had absolutely nothing to do with the verdict, finding Hunter guilty of murder and child abuse.

"You don't see black, white, Mexican, Asian, you just see a beautiful little girl who deserved justice," said a juror who did not want to be identified.

Initial deliberations took more than three days. The jurors say they poured over every piece of evidence and didn't get much sleep when they went home at night.

"I think it is the hardest thing I've ever had to do," said the juror.

"There was a lot of discussion on everything, the evidence, interviews, the eyewitnesses," they said.

They say a juror dismissed on Monday for medical reasons was not a holdout. Even though Jhessye's body was never found, the jurors say Hunter's oldest daughter's testimony about Jhessye being beaten and forced into a closet was the strongest piece of evidence.

"It was strong, it was emotional, sitting right there by her you just felt the pain," said the juror.

"It was hard going home and seeing my own little children, seeing how they are, and thinking how can such a truly innocent being be taken away against their will in every way," said the juror.

After the verdict, some Jurors went online and found out Hunter served time in prison for child abuse.

"I was absolutely shocked to read the details about it, but if you truly believe what we had to believe, it is really not out of the realm of possibility," said the juror.

One juror plans to attend Hunter's sentencing; the other two said they will not, their job is done.

Hunter will be sentenced by a judge on June 5, 2015.
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