Nearly two dozen 9-1-1 calls released from the Mesa shooting rampage

When a gunman went on a shooting rampage in Mesa, the 911 center was flooded with over two dozen calls.

You can hear the terror, confusion, and intensity in the voices of the people who happened to be in his deadly path.

The calls started coming in around 8:30 on the morning of March 18.

A gunman was on the loose and in the end he shot six people, killing one.

He also left dozens traumatized, in some of the calls you can hear the fear and terror in the voices of those who saw what happened.

Caller: "We were just assaulted by a gunman who fired shots."

Caller: "There's blood everywhere."
911 Call Taker: "I want you to stop the bleeding."
Caller: "I'm trying to stop the bleeding."

It's one of many callers who desperately dialed 911 the morning that police say 41-year-old Ryan Giroux went on a shooting rampage that terrorized Mesa. It all began at the Tri-City Inn on Main Street. 

A hotel guest reported what he heard next door.

Caller: "Multiple gunshots, people screaming he shot me, he shot me."

And then minutes later, across the street the rampage continued.

Caller: "We had a shooting at the Bistro at EVIT, someone was shot, and he took our chef's car."

Several people called from the East Valley Institute of Technology's Bistro 21 restaurant. That is where Giroux allegedly shot an employee and stole a car. His shooting spree then paralyzed residents in two apartment complexes.

Caller: "I just got attempted carjacked. He held a gun on me; I'm at the Montego Apartments."

Caller: "Someone came to our apartment and shot my boyfriend, he's bleeding real bad."

Caller: "Who got shot? Our maintenance man Marcus."
Caller: "He you with me? Look at me? Stay with me? Look at me Marcus, stay with me. Hey, buddy you gonna be all right... where's the ambulance? The cops are all here where is the damn ambulance."

Caller: "Someone's knocking on my door, banging on my door cussing."
911 Call Taker: "Ok, right now how long ago did this occur?"
Caller: "About a minute ago."
Caller: "Have them come over here because I'm so scared."

Giroux now faces three dozen felony charges in connection to the shooting rampage, including murder and kidnapping.
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