New information into failed efforts to rescue Kayla Mueller

Just one day after the White House confirms an Arizona woman was killed at the hands of ISIS, President Obama lays out a plan to take down the terror group.

That plan includes boots on the ground.

The President is asking Congress to allow the use of combat operations on the ground, but says he's not looking to get the United States involved in another long-term war.

"Now make no mistake this is a difficult mission. And it will remain difficult for some time. It's going to take time to dislodge these terrorists especially from urban areas. But our coalition is on the offensive. ISIL is on the defensive and ISIL is going to lose," said President Obama.

The authorization would cover force against ISIS and groups that splinter off from the terror organization.

The fight against ISIS is hitting close to home this week. Prescott resident Kayla Mueller was captured and killed by militants and we're learning there were several attempts to rescue her.

United States forces tried to raid an ISIS compound last Summer where Muller and other hostages were reportedly being held.

And a man posing as Kayla's husband also tried to set her free.

Mueller was taken captive in the Summer of 2013 along with her boyfriend. They were leaving a "Doctors Without Borders" hospital in Syria when they were kidnaped. He was eventually released, she was not.

Mueller's capture was kept a secret in hopes it would save her life.

"Madame Speaker, we the Arizona delegation rise today to honor the life of one of our own, one of our young, and one of our very best," said Rep. Paul Gosar.

Arizona lawmakers spoke before Congress in memory of Kayla Mueller. The American aid-worker from Prescott, who died while being held hostage by ISIS. Mueller was honored with a moment of silence.

"Her short life is proof that one dedicated soul can touch a thousand others. Let us all keep Kayla's family in our prayers, and her legacy in our hearts," said Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick.

In the months after Kayla was captured, Arizona lawmakers worked closely with other officials and the Mueller family to bring her home.

"We tried a number of things, as well as Senator McCain. He's much more, well versed and has many more connections in the Middle East so he tried with numerous peoples and countries, generals and such," said Gosar.

There was also a secret mission. On July 4, 2014 special operations units went in to rescue Mueller and other western hostages from a Jihadist base in Syria, but the troops were forced to withdraw after a shootout with ISIS terrorists. 

Kayla Mueller may have been close to freedom another time when a man believed to be her friend showed up at an ISIS terror camp and identified himself as her husband. He was sent away when Mueller told her captors she wasn't married. Her parents even tried to deal with ISIS on their own.

"They were even approached to try and make a trade, to have the family get a trade for Athea Saduki who is a convicted courier and financier for Al Qaeda that is imprisoned here in the United States." he said.

The Pentagon Press Secretary, Rear Admiral John Kirby, said U.S. Intelligence believes there is at least one other American hostage being held in Syria. He did not provide any other details.
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