Safety questioned after Arias juror's information released

More fallout comes from the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial.

Jurors are supposed to do their work in secret, in the court system they are identified only by a number.

But now the sole dissenting juror in the retrial has been identified by name. Her name and address were revealed by somebody, and people who work in the legal system are worried.

The fear is that if jurors know they can be outed, they will be afraid to share their viewpoints freely during deliberations. For fear, they could be harassed, even physically assaulted after the trial.

If that happens, it would shake the very foundations of the American legal system.

Joel Robbins says he's picked a number of juries in his career as a personal injury and civil rights lawyer. He's very troubled by the outing of juror #17.

"I think it is a tragedy, I think it is a sad statement, it is really important in unpopular cases... that we give it to twelve anonymous people and that they can make their decision without worry of what the public impact will be," said attorney Joel Robbins.

What makes it worse he says: the leak could come from so many places.

"People can share so much information within Facebook, Twitter, Instagram so much information can leak out from places where we never thought it would leak out in the past," he said.

FOX 10 reached out to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office for their point of view in all of this; neither one would go on camera.

MCSO said via a statement, "Sheriff Joe Arpaio has ordered security for the juror."

"When a juror goes in a room, and the door closes, they have the right to disagree with every one of the eleven other people in there, they shouldn't have to worry about disagreeing with the public, or friends of the jurors, or attorneys, or the judge, or anyone else," said Robbins.

The Arias retrial that made so much news while it was going on, continues to make news even after it's over.
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