Setting the record straight: Girlfriend of Davon Durant speaks out

9-1-1 callers painted a picture of the events that led to the arrest of Arizona State University football recruit Davon Durant.  He was taken into custody in Tempe three weeks ago after investigators say he hit his girlfriend in the face and grabbed her neck during an argument.

Operator: "9-1-1 what is your emergency?"

Caller: "Yeah, there's some guy like beating a girl in a car."

Operator: "Where are you?"

Caller: "It's on Normal and Apache.. the guy is in an SUV."

Caller: "..and he's hitting her.. yeah, they're in the car.. the girl is like leaning and these guys.. I just ran into.. saw him hitting her."

Later, Durant's girlfriend, Kelsi Langley, changed her story, telling police Durant didn't attack her -- but police say witnesses back up her original story and they have evidence that she had been injured.

Durant has been suspended indefinitely from the ASU football team and Langley is speaking out, saying it was nothing more than a fight between a boyfriend and girlfriend and wants to set the record straight.  She's calling for all charges to be dropped.

Langley called her relationship with Durant "wonderful" and said there's no one else in the world she'd rather be with.  She says she regrets telling police Durant struck her during that argument and that she did it to get him in trouble out of spite.

"He never laid a finger on me," said Langley during a news conference on Tuesday.  The 19-year-old ASU student says she made up the allegations that Durant abused her during an argument on March 7th.

"While my original statement may have painted a different picture, I just wanted it to be known that it was said out of anger."

Langley says she was upset with Durant for talking to other girls, but that he never actually touched her during the argument, despite what she told officers at the scene that night.

When I asked Langley about the police report, which states Durant struck her, that he impeded her ability to breathe and now she's saying she made it all up, she replied, "Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I'm not proud to say that all, that I made that up, but I did it out of anger, to really just get him into trouble and that was the wrong way to handle it."

Civil rights leader Jarrett Maupin was by Langley's side during the news conference. He alleges that race my have played a role in Durant's arrest since the Langley and Durant are a mixed-race couple.

"The facts are blown out of proportion by the public and by law enforcement in the course of the investigation and it's my opinion that that's what has happened in this particular case," said Maupin.

Statement from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office:
"In domestic violence cases it is especially important to avoid placing victims at the center of evidentiary disputes outside of the court process.  The place for evidence to be presented and tested is in the courtroom."

Durant has pleaded not guilty to all the assault charges against him.
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